British tie manufacturing is showing no signs of slowing down

Neckties have been worn by many in the UK for centuries as a way of increasing the professional appearance of one’s self. This high demand is one of the reasons why British tie manufacturers have done well over time. Keep reading to learn more about why tie manufacturers in the UK are still doing well in an ever-changing market.  

School ties come in all sorts of shapes and sizes

In recent years there has been an increase in demand for clip-on ties from British tie manufacturers. One of the reasons is the fashion in schools for ties to be tied incorrectly with large, oversized knots and short bases. Unsurprisingly, many schools are attempting to crack down on this with a two-pronged attack of punishment and circulation of clip-on ties.

Slim ties are still highly popular in the UK

The style of ties has varied massively over the last 50 or so years with the classic wide power tie being shunned for a more minimalist, slimmer look. The rise in slim fit suits has been keeping British tie manufacturers busy with increased demand for slim-fit ties to go with them.

Many prefer the British quality stamp behind locally produced ties

One of the reasons why British manufacturers have not been completely wiped out by cheap imports from the east is the fact that ‘made in the UK’ still has added kudos among many consumers. This extends to British ties whether this be plain or printed ties.

Ties are not just used in formal wear

Britain is often thought of as somewhat of a hub for fashion with London at the epicentre. A look at the number of ties worn down the highstreet reveals some interesting findings; many are now wearing ties as part of a more casual look which is allowing for an expansion of the tie market.