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This site started out as a way for me to share more information about the services that I offer to people who may be interested in putting them to good use, but it has evolved into much more than that in the years that I have been operating it. now has a dedicated following of people who want to hear about my tips, guidance and advice, in addition to all of the latest fashion news and trends.

However, I also know that mine isn’t the only story worth telling. That is why I have opened up the site to contributors who may want to write about their own experiences. You can find out more by emailing me at, or by using the contact form below.

    Tell Us About You

    My blog started to achieve more success when I began talking more about who I am and my motivations for working in the fashion industry. I soon found that many people were interested in hearing about how I had helped others and, as importantly, what those people actually had to say about the advice I provided.

    That’s where you come in. Perhaps you have made use of some of the information on this site to change your own fashion outlook. Or maybe you have some tricks and tips of your own to share. Whatever your story, you can rest assured that I and the rest of my visitors want to hear it, so please do speak to me about contributing if you would like to share what you have and who you are with a large audience.

    It’s A Great Platform

    Many of the contributors to have gone on to achieve really great things in fashion. Some have their own blogs and websites that needed that extra little push to get them over the finish line and develop the audiences their owners required to make a little income. Others have found that writing for my blog offers them the opportunity to talk more about whatever services they offer.

    Regardless of your intent, my blog offers a great platform from which other things can happen. I have an audience of 11,000 unique monthly visitors, alongside an array of followers who have been loyal to the website for years. If you contribute to my blog you will be able to get your words out to an audience that really wants to hear from you and, with a little bit of luck, you may be able to use what I have built here as a springboard for your own dreams to come true.

    Become A Better Writer

    If you write and publish your post here, I can help you become a better writer, which has so many applications in the real world. A lot of jobs require stellar written communication skills, plus I know that a lot of the people who write for my website also maintain their own blogs, where they share even more information to readers.

    The difference between my blog and many others that ask for contributions is that when you submit a guest post to my blog, I start working with you right away to help you make whatever adjustments need to be made to your writing style to help you reach the largest audience possible.

    It’s Free

    Good advertising is so hard to come by these days. While my site offers opportunities to a number of companies to advertise their services to my visitors using traditional online advertising methods, it is also wise not to underestimate the power that your words contain when it comes to building your brand and getting more information about what your company does out there.

    I don’t charge a penny for contributing to my blog, which means you only need to invest the time it takes to create your guest post to the endeavour. In return, you will reach a large and targeted audience of people who are interested in fashion and the companies that supply products and services in that area.

    What I Cover

    Hopefully you are now interested in writing for my website. If so, any topics that cover the following make for great articles.

    • Fashion Events
    • Fashion Industry
    • Makeup Ideas
    • Men’s Fashion
    • Hairstyles for Men
    • Men’s Accessories
    • Men’s Clothing
    • Men’s Footwear
    • Reviews
    • Women’s Fashion
    • Hairstyles for Women
    • Lifestyle
    • Women’s Accessories
    • Women’s Clothing
    • Women’s Footwear

    Great article ideas that I would consider include:

    • 8 Tips For Your First Fashion Event
    • 10 Timeless Hairstyles For Men
    • How to Achieve the Perfect Fit

    If you want to find out more, please message me using the contact form below.