This Is Me

So what can I tell you about me? Well, let’s start from the beginning. My name is Adam Bickel and I am a fashion stylist who lives in Devon, which is a gorgeous coastal county in the south of the United Kingdom. That probably explains the major theme of my site, but how about how I got here in the first place? It all starts when I was in school.

The School Years

I’ve always been interested in debating others about different subjects and offering advice to people when they need it. When I was in school I quickly discovered the power of the internet when I started to make funny – and admittedly pretty stupid – videos with my friends where we would talk about anything and everything.

Teachers, videogames, romance, politics, practically nothing was off-limits for our discussions and the videos we made soon started to gain a bit of a cult following throughout our school. I probably didn’t know it at the time, but this is likely when the seed of using the internet to get my message out there was planted in my mind, making those videos the genesis of the entire idea behind

Strangely enough, back in those days our videos didn’t really focus on the subject of fashion. I’d always had an interest, of course, but it didn’t extend too far beyond the desire to wear nice clothes and take care of my appearance. That all started to come later.

Going To University

You could probably say my fashion awakening occurred while I was studying at university. My degree was in history, as it offered me the chance to pull together a lot of the ideas that had made their way into my earlier videos. However, it was the people I met who really influenced my future career.

I developed a great group of friends and we would get together about once a week to host little dinner parties for each other. I soon discovered I had a bit of a talent for putting on interesting themed events and I eventually found myself working for a number of local nightclubs as a bit of a side-gig, helping them put together great nights that would attract students from my university.

It was during this time that I really started to dig deeper into my passion for fashion and I soon found that a lot of my friends started to seek out my advice about what to wear for the nights I would arrange.

That all lead me into the decision to become a fashion stylist and consultant once I left university. I now take this little talent that I didn’t even know existed until I studied at university and use it to help others pick out great outfits that accentuate all of their positive features.

Why Do I Write?

That’s a really good question. This website was set up a few years back to help me connect with more people. At first, it started out as a way to advertise my own services to potential clients, but it soon started ballooning into something much more when I incorporated a blog and started offering my own advice about fashion.

These little tips and tricks seemed to be developing a following, plus writing the blogs helped me fulfil my own desire to do whatever I can to help other people. So really, I write because I have a deep love of fashion and everything that it entails, plus I like to use the knowledge and expertise that I have developed over the years to offer a bit of guidance to people who may want to avoid fashion faux-pas or are struggling to create a look and identity that they can call their own.

My Hopes For The Future

I have managed to use this site, alongside a number of other contacts, to find steady work as a fashion stylist and I now have a long list of happy clients who come to me for advice.

But I want to do much more and I believe that my site is the way to do that.

My aims for the future are to use this site to get my advice out there to a wider audience. In doing so, I can hopefully earn an income from the site while also providing useful advice to you.

I’m delighted to say that my plans are already starting to come to fruition. has developed quite an impressive following over the years, which has allowed me to partner with a number of businesses who I feel can provide services to the people who come to the site.

Better yet, sharing so much of myself encourages others to share with me. Together we can make sure that we stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of fashion and hopefully my advice will help people choose the right styles for them along the way.

Adam Bickel – Founder