Woven vs. Printed Ties: Which is Right for Your Sports Club?

There are plenty of factors to consider when you’re picking out sports club ties, and one of the most important is whether to go for printed or woven.

The difference between them is easy enough to explain. With woven ties, your chosen design will be created using different coloured threads. If you choose printed ties, the design will simply be printed on top. There’s no one right decision, but you can find the best option to meet your needs by reading through the benefits of each one.

Why Choose Woven Ties for Your Sports Club?

Probably the most compelling reason to choose woven ties is that they carry a greater sense of prestige. They have a nicer texture compared to printed ties, which tend to look and feel a little flat. Finer threads need to be used to create woven ties, so an attractive sheen is produced. If you want your sport club ties to maintain an upscale appearance, going woven is probably your best bet.

Additionally, woven ties generally last a lot longer than printed ties. Because different fabrics are used, colours fade at the same rate and don’t come away through repeated washes. With a printed tie, fading will not be uniform, and the design can start to look a little patchy.

Why Choose Printed Ties for Your Sports Club?

Woven ties certainly come with some attractive benefits, but you shouldn’t discount the advantages that come with going printed. Most importantly, printed ties tend to be markedly less expensive. If you want to keep costs down, printed is probably the way to go, and there are benefits beyond economy.

For example, printed ties can include finer details than woven ties, especially if you choose digital printing. The fabric should also be lighter, making them nicer to wear in hot weather and easier to clean and dry quickly.