Vaping: The Best Atomizers for Drip Tippers

Experienced vapers will be familiar with the various devices which are screwed onto a rechargeable vape pen battery or power supply of their e-cigarette in order to deliver the e-liquid to the wick and coil for dispersion. Atomizers, Cartomizers, and Clearomizers are the three main kinds of diffusers available.

For the uninitiated, Atomizers are the simplest type of diffuser, with a wick and coil that are exposed. Cartomizers have a wick and coil hidden inside a tube, while Clearomizers have a clear tank that allows users to see their e-liquid levels. All three types of diffusers can be used with CBD vape juice. The type of diffuser you choose will depend entirely on your needs and preferences. Some people prefer the simplicity of an Atomizer, while others prefer the convenience of a Cartomizer or Clearomizer.

On that note, let’s look at each of these types in a little more detail:


Cartomizers are devices which contain a polymer filling around the heating coil, into which is soaked the e-liquid to be diffused. Cartomisers allow longer vape times than older devices and are perfect for seasoned smokers planning to vape over a longer period throughout multiple sessions. If you’re a casual vaper interested in exciting flavours and variety, then these aren’t for you as you’ll be changing your cartomizer more often than is convenient. Cartomizers attach to some of the largest tanks available for e-cigarettes, and the extra capacity makes for a great lifespan. Cartomizers aren’t difficult to refill despite the suffusion of e-liquid in the polyfiller, though some do complain that the filler dulls the flavour of the e-liquid. On top of this, the filler may retain some flavour from previous juices, meaning cartomizers require a little more maintenance than other devices.


One of the newer available devices, clearomizers are cylindrical polycarbonate casings which allow you to observe the remaining level of e-liquid inside your vape pen. Like most cartomizers, clearomizers make use of a silica wick to hold e-liquid for heating and dispersion by the coil. Clearomizers have a great capacity, and being able to see how much e-liquid you have left is useful for people smoking on-the-go. As a result, clearomizers can be more expensive than other options, and designs featuring a top-coil may leave e-liquid residue which must be drained or absorbed before you re-fill.


The oldest and smallest-capacity devices available are atomizers. Atomizers are available in a wide range of designs but most will come with a bottom-mounted heating coil, and you can find variants with silica wicks and metal meshing. Atomizers are great for vapers who want to try out drip tips. Drip tips are hollow mouthpieces which are used as an alternative to cartridge-filled e-cigarettes. Using drip-tips involves pouring vape juice or THC e-liquid directly onto the atomizer, which means no re-fills or installation is required. Using THC e-liquids (that can be sourced from low price bud) in atomizers with drip tips can offer a customizable and enjoyable vaping experience. This method gives users more control over the amount of THC e-liquid used and allows for easy switching between different flavors or concentrations.

Drip Tips

Drip-tips are an accessory and most are incredibly affordable. Dripping allows pens to work at full capacity and offers vapers the strongest, most consistent flavours. It’s something of an art to keep the flow consistent however, as adding too little will burn the liquid and ruin the flavour. If you add too much, however, then it won’t absorb and evaporate quickly enough, leaking fluid.

Drip-tips are designed for smokers who try different varieties of flavour regularly and often – if you’re looking for different vape flavours then this is a perfect way to try some out. Once you’re finished with a flavour, just flush the atomizer with new juice. If you’re a show-off at heart, then it should be noted that drip-tips produce the biggest clouds!

Like most smoking paraphernalia, drip-tips come in a staggering array of styles and designs, and can be purchased online at stores like Cloud Culture Store.