Men’s Style Guide

While I have now branched out into all areas of fashion, when I started my career as a stylist and consultant I placed most of my focus on men’s fashion. After all, it is what I know best and I have been keeping abreast of the latest developments in that area for quite some time now.

With that being said, I figured I would aim this area of the website directly at the guys out there who want to get a little bit of useful fashion advice that will help them to really stand out from the crowd.

Know What You Like

As much as fashion is often about staying on top of the latest trends and adapting your look to what is in style right now, it is still crucial for you to actually feel like you in whatever you choose to wear. If you don’t you will never feel truly comfortable in your own skin and that will project itself onto the clothes you choose and the people who see you.

This means you really need to know what you like before you start working on developing your style. There is something for everybody in men’s fashion, and once you know where you want to go with your look you can start finding clothes and accessories that help you to accentuate your positives and bring out your confidence.

Try Something New

If you have that experimental side to yourself, then trying out new styles could work well for you. You can try the famous textured falling quiff hairstyle of David Beckham; barbershops Red Deer or elsewhere can help you achieve that look. Or you can take inspiration from Travis Scott’s pink streetwear and big bling accessories. How about going for Michael B. Jordan’s plaid outwear and boots? There can be a host of styles that you can choose from and add your twist to.

That said, if you are not completely into following celebrity style, then know that you would not need to follow something popular to revive your style. You can give an outfit a completely different feel just by changing one thing. A new shirt or a t-shirt (maybe one from t shirts for tall men collection) can make a big difference with a suit, for example. The key is to experiment and find what you feel comfortable with.

Focus On Grooming

Now guys, let’s be serious for a minute. We all know that it can be a pain to tame that beard or to make sure that every single lock of hair is in place before we head out. However, we also know that doing both can really make a big difference when it comes to your style. The right haircut and a well-maintained beard can really set an outfit off, so it’s crucial that you focus on these little details as well as the big ones, like what outfit to wear. You can look for Barber Industry businesses like a salon near your location to get yourself groomed and have a clean and well-maintained appearance.

The quality of your grooming reflects how much thought you put into who you are and what you want to achieve stylistically. If you don’t make an effort, it will appear that you don’t care. That may work for some people, but for the majority, a little extra effort, such as investing in good Personal Grooming Men’s Beard Products, might be required to ensure they look the part.

Dress For The Occasion

You should have multiple outfits in your wardrobe at all times so you can actually dress for the occasion, rather than just throwing on any old clothes regardless of whether they are suitable or not. You wouldn’t wear a suit to a casual night out with your friends, just like you wouldn’t wear a t-shirt and jeans to the office, so your wardrobe should offer you plenty of options for all occasions.

Really think about where you are going and the people you are going to be around before choosing your outfit. You may look great in what you are wearing, but you still won’t feel confident in it if it doesn’t actually suit the occasion.

Focus On Your Body Language

Your style extends far beyond the clothes you wear and the efforts you put into your grooming. In truth, these are just the outer layers that can catch people’s attention. Your overall style should be a reflection of the confidence that you have in your own skin and you are going to find that a lot more people will be receptive to who you are if you focus on using the right body language.

Let’s start with a smile. Smiling not only makes people feel welcomed around you, but it also shows you are happy in yourself. Better yet, it releases endorphins in the brain that can improve your mood.

You should also make an effort to be open. Standing around with your arms crossed both hides your clothes and also tells people that you are closed off, making them less likely to approach you or appreciate your style. Think about how you can apply this to other aspects of your body language to show that you really do feel comfortable in the style you have chosen for yourself.