Why Should You Choose a Silk Tie Over Cashmere?

If you’re the sort of person who really cares about the clothes you wear, it’s likely that you won’t be satisfied with a polyester tie- they might have their advantages, but they cannot replicate the class, texture, and enduring appeal of a natural fabric. In general, looking for an upscale tie means going for silk, but more and more people are looking at cashmere instead.

You might be wondering if you should follow their lead. After all, few materials are as luxurious as cashmere. However, there are several reasons why you should stick with silk.

Cashmere is Too Hot

If you look at the most expensive jumpers in your local department store, you’re likely to find that they’re made from cashmere. That’s because cashmere offers excellent insulation – a cashmere jumper won’t look too thick, but it will do an excellent job of keeping you warm. This makes for good jumpers, but it isn’t great news when you’re looking for ties. A tie is wrapped around your neck all day, and you’re likely to find yourself becoming uncomfortably hot when that tie is made from cashmere. Okay, it might be nice on your way to work during the winter, but the appeal will quickly fade when you enter your heated office.

Cashmere is Very Delicate

Silk ties need to be treated with a little more care than those made using artificial fabrics, but they can still last for a long time without needing any special attention. Unfortunately, cashmere is a lot more temperamental. It is very hard to clean since it will tend to pill when washed. Your expensive new tie could quickly start looking worn and unattractive.

Cashmere Isn’t Good for the Environment

Cashmere has exploded in popularity. Unfortunately, it remains a very rare material. Cashmere is actually made using hair combed from the bellies of cashmere goats, so only a tiny amount can be taken each year. The increased demand has seen more grasslands decimated by more and more goats – it might sound a little ludicrous, but overgrazing is a serious issue.