On Trend Sleepwear for Men

Today’s post is about a subject that I can’t remember ever covering here before – men’s nightwear. I think the last time I mentioned pyjamas on this site was when I was writing about last year’s British Fashion Council’s annual awards. That night I stepped out in a pair of midnight blue satin pyjamas.

I was tapping into the ‘pyjamas as daywear’ trend that was very hot last year. A trend that looks set to continue well into the winter, and maybe the spring of 2017. For example, many people fell in love with onesies, especially the quirky ones such as those in the shape of animals and superheroes. While these are probably not your usual pajamas, they still were very fun to wear. In fact I had also been hearing lot of men explain how pyjamas had actually become a bit of a pun between couples with wives or girlfriends getting their men some laughable styles. For instance some chose to gift custom face pajamas while comfortable and warm, your lover’s face all lover your clothes can be questionable for some! However, today’s post is not about that sort of pyjamas it is actually all about men’s sleepwear.

A lot of us still like to wear nothing in bed, but apparently, sales of nightwear and loungewear, for both men and women, are on the rise. As a result, there is a wide range of men’s pyjamas available online and in the shops.

A touch of luxury

There are some great luxury pyjama sets available. These are perfect for lounging around on the sofa binging on Netflix, or enjoying a gaming marathon, but they are not always comfortable to wear in bed. Especially, if you move a lot while you sleep. Slippery fabrics such as silk and satin tend to bunch, so for many men this style of pyjama is not really a practical option. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear silk sleepwear at all. A silk nightgown is a sexy addition to a man’s wardrobe that you can wear before bed and slip out of just before you get under the covers.

Cotton pyjama t-shirts

Cotton pyjama Ts and bottoms are a far more practical option. They are comfortable and the natural fibres allow your skin to breathe, which helps your body to regulate its temperature effectively.

If you want to show off your muscular frame, stretch cotton pyjamas are a good way to do it. They fit snugly, but are still soft and flexible enough to be comfortable.

Mix and match bottoms

Most sleepwear designers have stuck with the idea of giving men a choice of bottoms. It is easy to find both shorts and full-length bottoms being sold either as part of a set, or on their own. If you feel hot in bed, shorts are clearly a much better option, so it is good to see retailers offering plenty of choice.

However, for 2017 it is lounge pants, which are set to be the most popular pyjama bottom choice. The majority look a lot like jogging bottoms, so you can safely change into them early without worrying about having to get dressed again if you have to answer the door. In addition, the fact that they have elasticated legs means they are not draughty like traditional pyjama bottoms, another reason they are so comfortable.

Superhero motifs

As normal, some designers have decided to have a bit of fun with their designs. Superhero motifs are particularly popular, and it is clear that Homer Simpson is back in a big way. However, if you just want a set of old school check or stripy pyjamas don’t worry because they are also widely available, this year.

In short, whatever type of sleep, or loungewear, you are looking for you are pretty much guaranteed to find it in 2017.