5 Tips for When You Need to Dress to Impress

Most people don’t have the luxury of spending hours getting dressed in the morning, and a lot of men would rather not spend more than 20 to 30 minutes getting ready anyway. However, there are some occasions and instances that will require you to dress with extra care—a special date, for example, or an important interview. Here are a few tips for when you need to dress to impress.

Start with a Clean, Smooth Canvas

Nothing ruins the neat, clean-cut and well-shaven look more than unsightly razor bumps. These tiny red bumps are caused by ingrown hairs, and can often feel sore and uncomfortable in addition to looking a lot like a bad pimple breakout. Get rid of them using this razor bump cream from Frederick Benjamin, a men’s grooming product line.

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Make Sure Your Hair Stays in Place

Unkempt or untidy hair can give you a sloppy appearance, so you’ll want to make sure it stays in place with an effective styling product that won’t damage your hair. This styling crème is another popular product from Frederick Benjamin. It has a lightweight, non-greasy formula and provides a light to medium hold so your hair stays put all day without drying out or getting “crunchy.”

Choose a Subtle, Appealing Scent

Smelling good can help you make a great impression and naturally boosts your confidence. Choose a long-lasting cologne with a fresh, clean scent that isn’t too overwhelming or overpowering. The last thing you want to do is to give anyone a headache by dousing yourself in cologne. Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is a classically masculine, crisp and modern scent that’s a big hit with the ladies.

Fit is Everything

When dressing to impress, the way your clothes fit can make or break your entire outfit. Baggy, ill-fitting clothes can make you sloppy and untidy, while well-fitting clothes make you look sharp and polished. Keep this in mind when shopping for clothes, and consider getting your clothes tailored to fit you perfectly, especially suit jackets and dress pants. Many stores such as Neiman Marcus and Ralph Lauren actually offer inhouse tailoring and alteration services.

Show Your Shoes Some Love

Coco Chanel once said that a woman with good shoes is never ugly. This applies to men as well. Clean, well-polished shoes make a great impression and pull your whole outfit neatly together. Take time before your big day to clean and polish your shoes, as well as any other leather accessories you might wear, such as a belt or leather bag.

All in all, it pays to pay special attention to the details when dressing to impress. No matter what your individual style may be, aim for the neatest, most polished and well-groomed version of it for your special occasion, and you are sure to make a good impression.