Six Must-Have Jewellery Items Every Woman Should Own

In this day and age, women no longer wait to receive jewellery as gifts. Instead, it is common for women to buy themselves pieces of jewellery to complement their wardrobe and fashion choices. After all, no outfit is complete without a bauble. Similar to clothes, shoes, and handbags, a piece of jewellery says a lot about a woman’s personality. But to make sure that your collection is complete and armed for any occasion, here are the top six jewellery pieces every woman should own.

Diamond earrings 

Shiny and sparkly diamond jewellery is classic and attention-grabbing. But perhaps owning a diamond necklace is not always within reach of everyone. Besides, you are not likely to wear it that often. If you are looking for a diamond piece to add to your collection, consider a versatile pair of diamond earrings instead. A pair of diamond earrings will look great for casual outings as well as formal events.

Pearl earrings

Another iconic piece you should own is a classic pair of pearl earrings. Pearls are the epitome of sophistication. When you wear pearls, you will look refined and polished no matter the occasion. Pearl earrings can be simple or embellished depending on your preference. Pearl collections like Jewellery by Claudia Bradby specifically cater to strong, empowered, and independent women looking for accessories to complete a power outfit. Another excellent characteristic of pearls is that you can wear them daily without appearing overdressed at all.

A classic string of pearls 

Fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn put pearl necklaces on the map, and since then the perfect pearl necklace remains a must-have for women. A string of pearls looks elegant worn with a suit or paired with a little black dress for date nights and important events. Anyone who understands sophistication knows that you can never go wrong if you wear a strand of pearls.

A formal watch 

Watches are not strictly considered as jewellery but create the same impact if it is well-made and high-quality. A nice watch can possess similar sentimental value as that of a piece of jewellery. It can also be an heirloom you can pass on to your loved ones later on.

A necklace with a pendant 

There are times when you also need casual pieces to wear on ordinary days, like a simple chain necklace with a pendant. A pendant can also be a reflection of your personality depending on the style you choose. If you want to make it more personal, you can wear a locket with a special engraved message or a photograph inside.

Stylish bracelets and rings 

Wearing a watch on your wrist is often enough to make a statement, but you can amp up your style by wearing bracelets. Layering bracelets is a popular fashion trend these days, and you can choose from a variety of styles and sizes to suit your personality. Similarly, rings can make a muted or bold statement when paired with the right outfit. You can wear several rings at once or wear a statement piece that completes your ensemble.