Men’s Portable Grooming Essentials to Keep Your Wardrobe Looking Fresh

When you spend most of your day away from home, you are not in reach of wardrobe essentials that can help you when you run into wardrobe malfunctions. It is essential to have certain items on hand to avoid disaster, especially when you are working long days and do not have time to change into a whole new outfit.

So, since the landscape of wardrobes and appropriate attire has changed so much in the last few years, I seeked out a professional I could talk to for advice. I eventually found Jackson Cunningham, Founder for JJ Suspenders, to provide some insight into what goes into looking good in 2022.

Together, Jackson and I have compiled the following:

  • Shoe Polish

You do not see many people using shoe polish in today’s world, but it is in fact a major help to any wardrobe that involves a dress shoe. Shoe polish helps to mask any scuffs or damage, and will help to make your shoe look brand new. This is a good thing to have on hand if you accidentally mark them up right before a big meeting. 

Show polish also helps to condition leather shoes, preventing them from cracking and looking worn down. It is important to keep your shoes in good condition as they are not cheap to replace.

  • Collar Stays

Having a handful of collar stays in your bag can be a huge life saver. When getting your dress shirts cleaned, these collar stays often fall out, making your collar floppy and not presentable. It is wise to have some on hand wherever you go and simply pop them in if you are missing one. They make your collar look crisp and stand up properly, helping to make the whole outfit look complete. 

  • Microfibre Cloth

A small microfibre cloth is one of the most important things to always have with you. They are used for so many things, and can help you in a pinch. Microfibre cloths are great for cleaning your glasses, your watch if it is grimey, it can clean your phone screen, computer, laptop or tablet. 

These cleaning cloths will not cause smudges or scratches and they help to wipe away grime as it looks unprofessional. They can also be used if you spill coffee or water, to help quickly absorb the liquid. 

  • Lint Roller

A lint roller is great for any outfit, especially if you have pets. There are many different travel versions that are small enough to put in a bag that you can grab easily to wipe off any lint or hair. A clean suit or outfit can be compromised by bits of hair and dust, so having a lint roller can really elevate a look without much effort. 

  • Stain Remover

A small stick of stain remover is also a great addition to take with you for any unexpected messes. In a pinch, a stain remover can save an expensive shirt, and also save you from wearing a stain all day at work. These removers are often used for many different materials and can stop the stains from setting in.

If you are unsure of where to source one from, you can check out a site similar to that primarily deals in cleaning products. With a stain remover by your side, you won’t be hesitant to roam around with a glass of red wine or to devour your favorite dish, the next time you are at a corporate party or are attending a feast.  

  • An Extra Undershirt

An extra undershirt is a great wardrobe essential to carry with you in your bag. Whether you are traveling or running late to work, an extra undershirt can give you some peace of mind in case you sweat through, or something happens to the undershirt you are wearing. 

  • A Non Staining Deodorant/Antiperspirant

Carrying a deodorant is always a good idea, especially at work. However, you want to ensure you bring one that will not leave stains on your nice clothes. Look for deodorant or antiperspirant that will not leave white marks on your clothes, and can help protect against sweat stains.

Are you in line with all of this?

If not, some of these points might be worth looking into as you explore your personal wardrobe ahead of the summer months. Hit the ‘Contact Me’ button and let me know what grooming and wardrobe essentials you have your eye on in 2022.

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