3 Ways Men Can Create A Classic Style In A Modern World

If you’re a man who likes to look great but isn’t all that interested in modern styles of dress and fashion, one great strategy to try is hearkening back to the classic styles of men from decades beyond. But if this isn’t something you’re familiar with, you might find it hard to know where to begin with this.

To help you here, here are three ways men can create a classic style in a modern world. 

Model Your Style After Classic Movies

If you have a grandpa living in an assisted living facility who’s still looking great even into his twilight year, you might want to ask him for his advice on a classic male look which used to be popular during his young age. You may also ask him for advice on movies that could have used such looks. If you don’t have access to someone like this, watching any old vintage movies online might be a terrific alternative for you to learn about fashion from the people who created it. You could even go see your grandfather and watch those old movies with them and the 55+ community they are a part of. Not only will it offer them a sense of exclusivity, but it will also inspire you to try a different look from their generation..

Once you see this example on the screen, you can then imitate how he dressed in your own style. While this might mean getting a few new pieces to add to your wardrobe, basing your style off of Cary Grant and others like him can help you to dress in a more classic style. As a good place to start, you might want to look into renting some Cary Grant movies so that you can see how he dressed and the style ascribed to.

Choose High-End Pieces

To have a classic look, you’ll have to choose classic pieces to add to your wardrobe. But the trick with classic pieces is that you want them to last you a while. This means that they’re going to be more expensive than the fast-fashion pieces that most modern men wear. 

What’s great about choosing high-end pieces to add to your wardrobe in an effort to get a more classic look is that these pieces will usually be very high quality. With high quality pieces, you should be able to wear them for years and even decades to come. 

Keep Things Natural

One thing that a lot of classic male styles have as a common theme is a more natural look, meaning that they incorporate a lot more natural elements into them. And because nature is inherently beautiful, choosing clothes that are made out of natural fibers and showcase patterns that take cues from nature can help you to create a more classic look in your clothing. So if you’re going to go with clothes that have any kind of pattern to them, try to choose prints that include nature elements so help pull off your classic male style. 

If you’re wanting to have more of a classic style in today’s world, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you see how this can be done.