Why Should School Ties Have Custom Labels?

Custom ties are perfect for schools. They help your students look their smartest, and the chance to pick out colours and add your school’s crest will help achieve a sense of uniformity and community. Of course, there are plenty of decisions to make when you’re putting together your order, and one of the most important is whether to include custom labels.

At first, it might seem like a relatively pointless added cost. In reality, most schools end up congratulating themselves for taking this step, and here are just a few reasons why.

Adds Value

You want your ties to send a positive message about your school – that’s why it’s so important to get the colours and addition of any crest right before you make your order. It’s all about adding value to the garment, something that should be particularly attractive to the parents who are paying. Adding a custom label with your child’s name and the name of the school ensures the garment stands out as worth the money.

Handy for Naming

Let’s face it: most school-age children aren’t too great at hanging on to their bits and pieces. Once a tie is lost, it can be very hard to find among a sea of ties that look exactly the same. This is where the custom label comes in. With the student’s name included, there should be no issue returning it to its proper owner. Even if the tie is lost away from the school itself, a passer-by will be able to simply read the label to find out where it needs to be returned.

Proves More Durable

A school tie is going to be worn day in and day out for most of the year. They’re likely to be pulled on in the playground and then taken off and thrown on the floor when students get home. Simply put, a school tie needs to be durable. Standard labels should go the distance, but it’s always worth opting for custom labels if you need your ties to be particularly hardwearing.