4 Reasons to Choose Silk Over Wool for Your Corporate Ties

There are plenty of things to consider when purchasing corporate ties, but most buyers make the mistake of concentrating solely on colour and design; little thought is reserved for the material. That’s a real shame since the material you pick is going to have a huge impact on the way your ties look and feel.

For a high-end appearance, corporate tie buyers often end up having to choose between silk and wool. Here are just four reasons why silk is generally the better choice.

  1. Cooler

When we say silk ties are cooler than wool ties, we’re talking in terms of temperature control rather than aesthetics or trend. Wool ties are often reserved for cooler temperatures or for occasions where the wearer is mostly going to be outside. They keep you warm, but that’s often a disadvantage. Corporate ties tend to be worn indoors for long periods, and the wearer will usually be moving around a lot. Silk is better suited to such conditions since it is lighter and more breathable.

  1. Smarter

One of the most fundamental menswear rules is that more texture equals more casual, and that definitely holds true when it comes to ties. Silk ties don’t have much texture, exhibiting more of a sheen. Wool ties are extremely textured, so they’re better suited to a more casual environment than the corporate world.

  1. More Prestigious

Not just smarter and more business-focused than wool ties, silk ties are also seen as more prestigious. Ask most people to name a high-end fabric and they’ll think of silk before they think of wool. This isn’t a superficial concern when picking out corporate ties – they need to reflect your business in the best light possible.

  1. More Convenient

Finally, silk ties are more resistant to wrinkling than wool ties. Since corporate ties tend to be worn day after day, their ability to maintain their shape and stay wrinkle-free is highly valued. In contrast, wool ties quickly take on a crumpled appearance when worn regularly.