How to bring the suit and tie into the 21st century with a Slim Fit Printed Tie

Suits are seen by many as a traditional piece of business wear that is as far removed from modern style as you can get and to some extent this is true.

The classic suit and printed tie have fallen out of favour amongst many millennials however there are still many who understand the subtle benefits that wearing a suit and more precisely feeling comfortable in one can bring to you.

Here are some of the ways that you can a suit back into the 21st century with a slim fit printed necktie.

Go For Classic Colours

It may seem to counter the advice of adopting modern styles but if you stick to classic colours with your slim fit printed tie then you can get away with a bolder design and suit fit.

For your tie, a subtle blue red or grey will match well with a corresponding suit. Additionally, a white shirt will contrast well with the dark shade of your printed tie.

Match the Suit fit the tie

As suits have developed various fits and styles have faded in and out of popularity. The huge choice available means you are free to choose a fit that is perfect for you. There is one key rule to remember though. Make sure the width of your printed tie matches the width of your suit lapels. This will add to the aesthetics and symmetry of your suit.

Get Comfortable in your suit of armour

Research has shown that a suit can have a big positive impact on your confidence when worn, but you have to be comfortable in your skin to enjoy these benefits. To do this you should take every opportunity you can to wear your suit. Wear it to the office, wear it to events! Take every chance you can to show off your printed tie.

Experiment with different patterns

As mentioned earlier if you go for a classic colour printed tie you can experiment more with the pattern. For example, a printed red paisley tie would look fantastic with a slim fit navy suit. Additionally, you can experiment with different printed chequered ties to find the perfect outfit for you.

Know what occasion to wear a slim fit tie and suit

Part of the challenge of wearing a suit is knowing which occasion it is acceptable to wear one. If you are going to a party or other gathering make sure you are aware of the dress code before you go. If it is ‘smart-casual’ then perhaps leave the three-piece suit at home; however, if it is a ‘formal’ event feel free to don your suit and printed tie.

Find a great supplier of printed ties

When you have found the perfect slim fit suit you will find yourself in the market for the best slim fit printed tie to go with it. The experts at James Morton offer a wide variety of printed ties in all sorts of styles from classic to slim fit designs. Get in touch and use their free design service today.