Wrap dresses and why you need them

This is probably the only type of dress that suits every body type out there. It doesn’t matter if you are skinny, hourglass shaped or chubby, this is the dress you need to have. These playful but yet sexy dresses come in all shapes and sizes, from mini ones to ones that almost touch the floor. They have been invented long time ago, but very popularized in the early 70s. The wrap dress is both versatile and timeless.

Why we love them

First of all, they fulfil every woman’s fantasy which is having an hour glass silhouette. They accentuate your waist and make it seem smaller. You can dictate the shape and tightness, which is great actually, since some super slim ladies are often having troubles with fitting the dress on their waist. The V – neckline that they have is really drawing all the attention to your face and its emptiness is ideal for adding any type of jewellery. Next, they are so universal that you can basically wear them for any occasion. You can put your wrap dress on if you are going to get a coffee somewhere with your girlfriends, but on the other hand you can also put it on when you are going on a date or a fancy dinner somewhere.

They are minimalist items and have no additions like zippers, buttons and other stuff. If on the other hand you are not a fan of minimalism, you can find them in any wild and colourful pattern or simply add a bunch of accessories yourself. It’s actually the choice of shoes and accessories which dictates its purpose. Wear it with your strappy sandals, wear it with your boots, or even your Converse – you will look classy and trendy wherever you show up. The fabrics which are used for making these fabulous dresses are most of the times low – maintenance ones, which means that they wash very well, last very long and stand up to everything. Also, those materials are very pleasant and light, so you actually feel like you are wearing nothing basically. Last, but not least, since they are around for such a long time now, the designers are really trying hard to reinvent them season after season, but simply the base is always the same and it is just something that can’t and doesn’t have to be improved.

Types of wrap dresses

It doesn’t matter are you a fan of sleeve dresses or spaghetti straps, long or short ones, you can always find a wrap dress which suits any style and budget.

Long dress and long sleeves

they often come in flower designs, so you will feel like a Boho queen while wearing them. Also, they have an opening between the wrap which you can use as a slit. It shows your legs while you walk and it is very playful and sexy.

Long dress – short sleeves

Cute, simple and casual. Casual enough for a simple hangout, but also dressy enough for a summer wedding (with the right choice of shoes and jewelry)

Short dress – long sleeves

This is a true 70s chick kind of dress. Ideal for spring and summer, and matches the trendy gladiator sandals perfectly. It is perfect for all those fashionistas who want to flaunt their smooth and sexy legs that they may have achieved through waxing or a Laser Hair Removal Treatment, particularly to rock these seasons.

Short dress – short sleeves

Perfect for any summer occassion, over a swimsuit with a messy bun, or on your favourite pair of heels with a cute statement necklace

Long and sleeveless

Wear it on the beach, or wear it on the red carpet walk. That is all that needs to be said short and sleeveless
Are you going for a walk? Or maybe on a cocktail party? On a fashion show? Who knows.

Short and Sleeveless

Are you going for a walk? Or maybe on a cocktail party? On a fashion show? Who knows.


Short in the front, long in the back, with sleeves or without them, this one really showns your goofiness, but with style.

That would be it. Hurry up to the store and get yourself one of these beauties (if you don’t have it already).