What is the wait time for Rolex in 2024? 

It’s a unanimous sentiment that no other brand commands the same level of allure and prestige as Rolex. For decades, this Swiss Maison has charmed enthusiasts and collectors alike with coveted timepieces known for their exceptional craftsmanship, enduring value and timeless design.

But as time passed, the demand surge for these watches has reached a point that now you have to expect waiting times. The prospect of joining a Rolex waiting list is both exciting and frustrating for the folks. If you find yourself in a similar situation, this blog is for you. We’ve researched Rolex’s production process and the waiting list debate, providing insights into how you can obtain a coveted Rolex timepiece in 2024.

Let’s start from scratch!

What is a Rolex waiting list? 

‘Interest list’, ‘Waiting list’ or whatever you prefer to name it, is essentially a queue maintained by authorised Rolex dealers for customers who wish to purchase specific Rolex models in high demand or experiencing limited availability. Simply put, the concept of a Rolex waiting list reflects the brand’s exclusivity, desirability, and limited production capacity.

When a customer expresses interest in acquiring a particular Rolex model that is currently unavailable, the authorised dealer may place them on a waiting list. However, being given a ‘place’ on the Rolex waiting list by a dealer doesn’t guarantee receiving one. Under certain circumstances, you may remain on that list for years without ever having the chance to own your dream model. In this case, the waiting time was for nothing.

Well, there’s always a middle way. To avoid disappointment, it’s important to familiarise yourself with how exactly the waiting list process works. (More on that in the later section..)

Does a Rolex waiting list exist today?

Rolex is a powerful name in the watch realm and has always been popular. However, the waiting list concept is new-grown and persists even today. Watch enthusiasts, buyers, collectors, and even mainstream media outlets ponder, ‘Why do they exist?’

The answer is a confluence of several factors, such as:

  • Scarcity & Exclusivity – Rolex maintains a deliberate strategy of limiting the production of its watches. This intentional scarcity enhances the exclusivity and perceived value of the brand. The scarcity of certain coveted Rolex models creates a situation where the demand far exceeds the supply.
  • Meticulous Production Process – Rolex is renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship and precision. Each watch undergoes meticulous assembly, testing and quality control. This time-intensive procedure means that Rolex cannot mass-produce watches at the same rate as other brands, contributing to limited availability.
  • Discourage Buying & Flipping – Many buyers consider Rolex as an investment and buy the watches solely to sell Rolex at a higher price later. This is another reason why Rolex encourages waiting lists. Waiting lists reduce the likelihood of customers buying their desired models and flipping them for profit.
  • Balancing Supply & Demand – Rolex reigns globally, and the demand for the watches varies from one region to another. Forging waiting lists helps Rolex manage the distribution of watches to different markets. Rather than flooding a specific area, it ensures that the watches are distributed fairly.  
  • Authorised Dealer’s Allocation – Rolex operates through a chain of authorised dealers, and these dealers receive allocated quantities of watches based on factors like sales performance and market demand. Therefore, not every dealer receives the watches they want, contributing to the need for waiting lists for customers who want specific Rolex models.
  • Desirability of Specific Models – Certain Rolex models like the Daytona, GMT-Master and Submariner are highly sought-after due to their iconic design, high precision and historical significance. The demand for these models often exceeds availability, leading to long waiting times.

How does the Rolex waitlist work?

If you’re new to this whole subject, you might picture the Rolex waiting list as follows:

  1. You convey your interest in a specific Rolex model to a dealer
  2. The dealer gives you a specific waiting time & a fixed place on the list
  3. Delivers your preferred Rolex as soon as your turn comes

But the reality hits differently. You visit an authorised dealer or several dealers to register your interest in one or more Rolex timepieces. Most dealers will give you an expected waiting time ‘on request’. If the dealer states a few months, it’s good news. However, if the waiting time is many years, the watch is more or less not in the cards.

Dealers are always well-informed about when and how the various Rolex models will be delivered to them. So, if they make no statement at all, it means they are not interested in helping you get the watch. A period of ten years or more indicates that the dealer is politely trying to deny the request rather than to put the prospective buyer off the radar completely.

Also, the authorised dealer decides to whom he sells the rare Rolex piece. It rarely runs on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

How to beat the Rolex waiting list? 

Although there is no assurance of beating any Rolex waiting list, here are a few ways that can increase your chances of getting the Rolex you want.

10 ways to navigate the Rolex acquisition process:

  • Establish a genuine connection with the authorised Rolex dealer
  • Learn about the Rolex you want
  • Convey your authentic intentions to the authorised Rolex dealer
  • Avoid constantly altering your preference regarding the Rolex model you want
  • Be persistent in your approach or visit the dealer regularly
  • Establish a purchase history with the Rolex dealer
  • Consider similar Rolex models if your desired model is not immediately available
  • Explore the secondary watch market
  • Engage in other watch purchases
  • Demonstrate your knowledge and passion for watches

Was there always a Rolex waiting list?

No! In fact, only a few years back, you could easily walk into a Rolex store and purchase a Rolex Submariner or a Datejust, likely even at a discount. Things witnessed a dramatic change when the demand began to surpass the supply. Most Rolex watches were readily available until 2019.

The TRUTH of the Rolex Waiting List

The Rolex waiting list is no longer a myth, with many reasons fueling the hype. However, contrary to popular belief, Rolex, the brand, is in no way responsible for maintaining the lists. While it is true that certain authorised Rolex dealers operate their own waiting lists to distribute the pieces, it is not a policy mandated by Rolex. Rolex has complete control over the distribution of its watches and collaborates closely with authorised dealers to guarantee a fair allocation process.


Acquiring a Rolex is an experience that goes beyond the mere possession of a luxury watch. While the journey to own a piece of this perfection may seem frustrating to some, it’s important to remember that the wait often enhances the satisfaction of finally owning a ‘Rolex’.

Ultimately, the decision to join the queue is personal and depends on your individual preferences, passion for watches and patience.

So, here’s to the thrill of the wait and the imminent joy of donning a Rolex—because, in the end, the best things are worth waiting for.