4 Celebrity Fashion Tips We Learned From The Royal Wedding

If there’s any moment that we love celebrity fashion the most, it’s at big events when they amp up the glamour to the maximum.  By far one of the most notably exciting celebrity fashion moments over the last several years has been latest Royal Wedding when Prince Harry put a ring on Meghan Markle in front of the world.

Not only did our jaws drop several times, but we even learned a few new things from this outstanding moment in fashion history.  If you want to learn the tricks of the stars so that you can emulate their Royal Wedding style, here are some of the most valuable things we learned.

The Bigger The Better

If there’s one thing you need the most to emulate celebrity event style, it’s to be big and bold.  All of the guests wore huge and fabulous hats which ranged from feathery to flowing.

In addition to big hats, your accessories should pop out and make a big statement.  There’s no such thing as being subtle when you’re attending an event like this. The last thing that you want to do is blend into the back of the crowd.  Make it big and make it bold and you’ll never go wrong.

Color is A Must

If you scroll through the photos of the guests who attended the royal wedding, you’ll see that no one was shy about wearing color.   Why settle for boring black or beige when you can pop, in orange or blue!

Celebrities are known for trying to be the biggest and boldest at a notable event, and one of the best ways to do this is by standing out with an uncommonly bright color.  Then you won’t look like anyone else.

Make It Original

Dressing yourself for an event like a royal wedding isn’t something that you go to the mall for.  It’s an event which calls for an original design which no one else in the world has. Be sure to opt for something which is one of a kind and can’t be found on a rack or online.

If getting an original design isn’t an option for your budget, then you may want to consider opting for vintage.  Vintage is often more affordable, yet incredibly original.

Get a Handsome Date

If celebrities taught us one thing, it’s that you have to attend an event with a hot date.  The best accessory of all is a handsome date on your arm.

While you don’t necessarily have to coordinate outfits exactly the same, it’s advantageous to have compatible styles and colors.  As a result, you’ll both compliment each other just like our favorite celebrity red carpet couples!