Shaving Tips For The Well Kempt Man

Facial hair trends of today are not entirely clean cut. There are some men who keep their facial hair at bay, but the beard has made a very strong comeback.

No matter how you choose to maintain your facial hair, it’s important to understand the most efficient methods and tools for completing the job with ease.

No dude enjoys a face full of razor burn or a gapped mustache. Check out a few shaving tips aimed towards helping you keep your look fresh and clean.

Make sure you have the best tools

You can’t get the perfect shave without the perfect razor. Spend time and effort to find the most suitable classic shaving gear for your face. Depending on how you like to wear your facial hair, you’ll need different tools to obtain various effects.

Make sure you have a razor that has attachment guards for trimming your sideburns, nose, and ears. A T-blade will grant you the ability to create tight lines when shaping your beard or mustache.

Change your razor cart every six shaves

You have to take certain steps to properly maintain your razor, so you can always count on a close, clean shave. Change out your razor cartridge after every six shaves, so you can keep it free of dead skin, old hair clippings, and excess bacteria.

A dull and dirty razor could leave you with some uncomfortable razor burn, ingrown hairs, and a not-so-close shave. After you’re done shaving, pay attention to how you’re storing your razor. You should store your razor in the upright position, so it has the opportunity to thoroughly dry.

Take care of the skin on your face

Simply taking the steps to nourish your skin will help your face look younger longer, and your shaving regimen will be much less damaging to your skin. Incorporate age-defying methods into your daily routine, and always aim for moisturizing and UV protection.

Get plenty of sleep at night, and apply a night cream to your face for thorough hydration. The cream will work to delay cellular degeneration in your skin, and help fight against wrinkling and leathering.

Learn proper beard maintenance

If you’re a dude who likes to keep a beard, you need to learn to take proper care of your mane. Your beard hair doesn’t have to be coarse and rugged. You can have a soft, voluminous beard by simply applying the best products regularly.

Top it off with some smooth fragrances

Smelling nice is a great ice breaker in social situations. Let’s face it, people respond more favorably to a good-smelling man. Isn’t it the same for you? When a woman looks good and smells good on a date that can be what gets you off. Condition your beard with a fragrant beard oil, and use an aftershave to seal up those pores.