3 Benefits of Clip-on-Ties for Custom School Ties

Clip-on ties are especially good for your School because they follow the strict health and safety rules whilst contributing to other factors such as a smart uniform and the productivity of students. For this reasons they make the perfect uniform choice.

  1. Health and Safety

For health and safety reasons, clip-on ties are the best option for Schools. In fact, many schools will not be able to have self-tie ties due to health and safety regulations set by their boards.

The hazards involved with self-tie ties include:

  • Choking hazard
  • Danger around Laboratory Equipment and Machinery
  • Encourage fights

For the reasons listed above, regular ties are often banned from schools and replaced with clip-on ties. Clip on ties can be removed easily when they are needed to be and can’t be tightened too tight.

  1. Better overall uniform

Ties increase the professionality and overall look of school uniform. Students will look smarter and the school will be represented in a better way.

  1. Increased school productivity

When students feel smart and professional, they are more likely to act that way. Ties are an accessory that will be worn throughout life and will be worn on special occasions and formal events. Getting in the habit now of dressing smartly will make students act as though they think a respectable adult wearing a tie should.

Clip-on ties are the perfect solution for schools. They are in-line with health and safety regulations and help your school reputation and the productivity of your students. Get in touch with James Morton, the reputable tie company, to kick start the process today.