So, You Say Fashion and Gardening Don’t Mix? Try These on for Style!

Every time you read a blog on the My Gardening Network website, you want to know more about the benefits of organic gardening. It sounds like something you’d like to try but, unfortunately, fashion and gardening just don’t mix. Or do they? You have spent a lot of time and money finding just the right clothes and accessories to give you a trendy wardrobe and heaven forbid, someone should ring the doorbell while you are out back working with your tomatoes or pepper plants.

Actually, there are quite a few fashion-friendly items of apparel which you might want to invest in and some of these can even be worn out in public, believe it or not! Let’s look at how you can work in the garden without ruining your image. If you’ve got a larger gardening project to get to grips with, such as lawn maintenance, this isn’t something that you’ve got to tackle alone. Check out Trugreen locations in georgia or wherever you are to see if you can make use of their services to get your garden looking its best.

Hats Are a Must

One of the things you will definitely need when gardening is a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun from damaging your skin. Sunshine is good to a certain extent and there are some vitamins your body can only get from direct exposure to the sun. However, you only need about ten minutes a day to get all the rays you need for those vitamins.

Doctors say that ten minutes is enough time unless you use a powerful sunscreen and any longer exposure can cause skin cancer and premature aging. Wide-brimmed hats are in style this year, so don’t be afraid to choose a trendy one that offers both protection from overexposure to UV radiation and a trendy look in keeping with your own unique style.

Crocs and Clogs Never Go out of Fashion

While you might want to get a pair of rubber gardening boots, you can usually get away with a pair of slip-on Crocs or clogs. The only difference is that Croc is a brand name for those open-backed clogs sold in almost every country around the world. These are fashionable and since they are made from rubber, they are easily hosed off to keep the dirt where it belongs – outside in the garden!

Whether you need a sling-back to keep them on or simply an open-backed style, even famous designers like Birkenstock have selections available to suit your tastes. The only difference between designer clogs and Walmart clogs are price and trend. Even so, designer clogs may be what you need if you want to impress any of your friends with your newly planted, totally organic garden.

You might not be ready for overalls, but they do come and go in trends if you aren’t worried about that down-home farm appeal. Even so, you will want to have leather garden gloves and a garden apron to keep your tools on you and the dirt off. Just because you are going in for a bit of gardening doesn’t mean you can’t have a retro appeal. It only means you can’t wear your Balmain Men’s Distressed Skinny Jeans at $1,500.00 a pair to work in the garden. A pair of 501s would suffice at much less the cost and still a trendy style from Lee’s. You can dress to kill, but not the garden hopefully! Let’s keep that alive.