Aussie Beauty Secrets You Need to Know

Australian women have always astounded us with their sun-kissed skin and salt-water hair waves, and now is the time they share their beauty secrets with us. From Miranda Kerr to Megan Gale, Jess Hart and Robyn Lawley, these gorgeous Aussie bombshells reveal their beauty hacks that you can easily include into your everyday beauty routine. Take some of their suggestions and have that effortless glow they’ve been flaunting for years.

Dry body brushing

If you’ve always envied Miranda Kerr for her gorgeous physique and flawless skin, now you can have the same tight skin thanks to just one easy trick. An ayurvedic technique called dry body brushing is the one thing this Victoria’s Secret Angel swears by. All you need is a natural-bristle dry skin brush. After you run it upward from your thighs to the top of the butt cheeks and do it two minutes before the shower, your skin will be bump- and blemish-free.

Lip balm secrets

If you thought lip balm was only meant for your lips, you’ve got another thing coming. Jess Hart uses lip balm to nourish her beautiful lips, but also to add a touch of glow to her brow bones and cheekbones. When you want a little bit of that natural glow, but without using too much makeup, lip balm is your go-to product. It doesn’t matter what type of lip balm you use, whether it’s the Best CBD lip balm you can find or a simple Vaseline – this is the new way to wear it! What’s more, you can use it around the edges of your eyes to moisturize the fine lines and get that super fresh look.

Olive oil

Olive oil has various benefits for our health, but Robyn Lawley mostly uses it as a part of her beauty routine. Using it as a makeup remover gave her skin a completely new glowing skin. Since cleansing wipes and makeup removers tend to be too aggressive on the skin, olive oil is the perfect alternative. Robyn likes to massage it on with her hands while she’s in the shower, and later just wipe it off with a towel.

Less is more

When it comes to makeup, supermodels go by the rule less is more. Hours spent in the photo shoots require them to always have loads of makeup on their faces that can last for an entire day. Therefore, they choose to put as less makeup for everyday occasion as possible, to let the skin breathe and not break out. If they sometimes wish for a bit of a touch-up, a mascara and a lightweight tinted moisturizer or CC cream from Gorgeous cosmetics from Australia is all they need.

The beauty of salt water

The hair instantly gets natural definition after you’ve exposed it to salt water. That’s why Cheyenne Tozzi loves to start her day with a dip in the ocean. Not only does her hair look perfectly wavy afterwards, but she says that the skin feels the best after a morning swim. However, since not all of us live by the ocean, a great alternative to achieving the beach waves can be a salt-water inspired hair texturiser. With a couple of spritzes on a damp hair, you’ll have those gorgeous locks as you’ve come straight from the beach.

Keep the skin hydrated

Megan Gale dedicates the most attention to exfoliating her skin, so it can always be nice and buffed. With a good scrub, you’ll always have fresh and hydrated skin that looks gorgeous. However, aside from the outside nourishment and care, she drinks a lot of water to keep her entire body hydrated and fresh.

Final thoughts

Looking gorgeous and glowing has never been easier. Thanks to a couple of tips from the stunning Aussie women, you can look as amazing in no time. Make sure you dedicate enough time to your beauty regimen, so that your skin looks flawless and stays nurtured for a long time.