Fashion and Dating

People do find it easier to go out on a date these days, mostly due to the expansion of the internet and the world of communications in general. Instead of going out to meet people, we can simply send them messages through our smartphones using any of the available dating apps and websites. One thing that has not changed however is the fact that we still need to dress up for when the date actually happens. So here’s a few tips to help improve you dating fashion sense.

Colours can stand out

Clothes can have a great way to accentuate some of our body features, might it be by the use of different colours or various shapes. For example if your eyes are one of your more attracting features then you can enhance those by wearing a top which has the same colours as your eyes. For example, a blue jumper make your blue eyes stand out that much more. It’s the same thing for your hair, your skin or even your lips. Sometimes you can find an item of clothing that can accentuate your body features by having either the same colour or even an opposite colour.

Shape your body

Sometimes you go out dating for love and other times you’re just out there to get yourself some local booty. When it comes to that body, there are things that can be done to make your better attributes stand out. After all we don’t all date for love, sometimes it is more about desire, especially within the world of adult dating. But in either case it won’t hurt you to emphasize some of your prominent body features. For example, showing your legs by wearing the right trouser fit, not to baggy but not too tight. You can also use a suit vest to emphasise on your broad shoulders. The opposite also works, so let’s say you’re not too proud of your waist then try to wear clothes that are a little wider. There are many possibilities, you just need to test and find clothes you’re happy with.

Effort is important

This might sound obvious but you do need to make some sort of effort, if anything to show your date that you are a considerate person. Showing up with dirty clothes just screams: “I don’t care about you”. Sure it might work in some specific situations during nights out but a date is a date and it warrants effort from the two people involved. After all, you’re there to make sure your dating partner will feel comfortable with you, so don’t go make them feel ill-at-ease by not making the most basic of hygienic efforts. Basically it means you need clean and presentable clothes, so make sure you get over yourself and think about the bigger picture.

Stay true to yourself

As much effort as you are going to make, just make sure you are still yourself. You will just need to compromise a bit to show your date you actually care; but it doesn’t mean dressing up in a way that is not you at all. Honestly you will probably scare your date if your profile shows you dressing casually but you show up to the date with your office suit and tie. You get the drift, there needs to be some sort of cohesive effort so that you are still faithful to your own character. Just learn to compromise a bit, because that is what two people getting together is all about!