Getting Ready For Summer

Summer? Yes, we know winter isn’t quite over, yet. But now is the time to start preparing to make yourself the number one topic of every lady’s brunch. Not to mention, what guy doesn’t enjoy looking in the mirror and seeing perfection?

Summer is the time for new romances, power-filled friendships, and the much-needed vacation to a remote beach. Sporting the perfect looks can be the easy part of all three. Below are three ideas that can help you turn the right heads this summer and bring you Thor level confidence.

The Trunks

As you step onto the beach this summer for a game of volleyball with the guys, some girl watching and a few beers, or a romantic night by the pool with your true love, you will more than likely don your favorite swimwear. As the last century has unfolded, men’s swimwear has taken some pretty interesting turns.

From 1900-1930, it was illegal for men to be without their shirt in public. (This law is still on the books in some towns, but not enforced.) With that said, whether they were one or two pieces, men’s swimsuits were made to cover all the important parts. As time went on, men’s swimwear has evolved briefs and speedos that leave little to the imagination to trunks that give the gentlemen a little room to breathe.

When swim trunks finally got a little length to them in the 80’s, they also embraced bold solid colors. For 2018, trunks are back, but now favor a lighter approach to color and prints are in. This includes the floral prints. Man up fellas. If you want to sport the latest trend, floral might be the key to success. 

The Tan

This next part is not for the heliophobic. Face it. The tan is in year round. It just adds a sense of character to a well-formed body and helps those not as well-formed shine a little brighter. So, along with your dashing swimwear, make sure to spend some time at the tanning salon. The natural rays of the sun are actually preferable. There’s nothing like a genuine natural tan. Be that as it may, make sure you are prepared for the damaging side of nature.

The sun can put off some pretty powerful rays and unlike Superman who gains his strength from the sun, unadulterated exposure could lead to burns, prematurely aging skin (a real turn off for most,) and cancer if you’re not careful. So, while presenting a perfectly tanned body at the beach is the goal, taking on the sun in moderation and with sunscreen is the key.

The Body

The last thing on this list might be the first on yours but will take the longest. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Those summer abs are going to take some work. Start with your diet. Exercise, alone, may help your endurance, but without a proper diet, that six pack and the Thor-like strength you are hunting for may stay elusive.

Make sure to drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. These are goals we should have year round. If you can’t manage to master these two habits, moobs and a slouching libido aren’t all you’ll have to worry about. Then, there is the exercise.

Working that heart three times a week and all the major muscle groups twice a week will help you sculpt a body that’s not only healthy but that you are proud to show off. Who knows? Maybe if you take that summer body deep sea fishing, swordfish won’t be the only trophy you bring home.