How To Have Sober And Healthy Fun

At a certain age, 21 and over, of course, you start to feel like the only way to have fun is if you’re drinking. That’s not the case, and even a night out at the bar doesn’t mean you have to drink any alcohol. You can have fun at the bar, or elsewhere, when you’re completely sober.

You may experience peer pressure, or when you’re at a bar or party you may feel like you should drink simply because drinks are there, but if you use a little willpower and avoid it that doesn’t mean you’ll have any less fun. Plus, you’ll be able to remember all the fun you had!

Skip The Bar Unless It’s Karaoke Night

Unless there is an actual reason to go to the bar, skip it. If people are just getting together for drinks and chatting you always have the right to say you’re not interested in going, and as an adult, you don’t even have to give them a reason. You can simply curl up on your couch and spend the evening watching a new series or reading some korean entertainment news while munching on your favorite snacks. However, if there will be more to do, you may want to consider going for some alcohol-free fun.

Go see a band, you don’t have to drink to enjoy the music. Go out for open mic night or karaoke night. These are fun things that give you something to do that you don’t have to mix with alcoholic beverages. You could even hit up the bar or bowling alley for some pool or bowling, sans drinks.

Go To The Park

At a certain age, it can be harder to even go out at night, sometimes because of work and sometimes simply because you’re tired earlier. If you want to get out and do something fun you may want to do something earlier in the day.

Get outdoors and enjoy nature. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy life without the rowdiness of the bar. Go to the bar, take a hike, or even go to the zoo and look at the animals.

Join A Team

Instead of drinking on weekends with your buddies, consider joining a team of some sort. Some of these may still put you in the position to drink, but you can always say no. Joining a team is also a great way to make new friends and experiencing new things.

If you prefer the indoors you could try bowling or pool. If you’d rather spend some time outside you could join a golf league or start playing softball.

Get Out On/In The Water

Another great way to forget your worries and have fun, especially in the spring and summer, is to go enjoy the beach and the water. Spend some time swimming, go for a barefoot walk in the sand, or rent a canoe. If you have a boat fishing can be a great pastime too.