Date Night With the Mrs. on Your Yacht

As winter trudges on, we are encouraged by the coming spring and by the next major holiday on the calendar. Valentine’s Day is the day we proclaim our passions for the one we love. It’s littered with chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals and cards that would make a hardened criminal melt in his shoes.

However, it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day for you to profess your undying love for your lady. A well-planned date night can convey your feelings just as well, if not better and a yacht is a great place to do it.

Whether you own or rent one, a yacht can offer a brief getaway into a fantasyland, if just for one night. Your Mrs. will remember it forever. Below are some things you can do to create that perfect night.  

The Yacht

Have you ever taken your girl out to dinner at what you thought was a fancy restaurant only to find that the place was in disrepair and filthy on the inside? It’s rather disappointing for your date and can prove extremely embarrassing for you. A yacht is no different.

Want to create a fantasy date she’ll be telling her girlfriends about in the morning? Make sure your yacht is looking its best. Before you ever hit the shower to make sure you look your best, make sure your yacht is up to par.

Make any and all repairs that are necessary, spring clean the living and playing areas, and give your wonderland on the water a good polishing. First impressions can be everything. If your girl is introduced to the evening with a superior looking ship, she will be immediately intrigued and excited about what the rest of the evening holds.

The Dinner

Many of you are probably expecting a recipe for the dinner of the gods, here. You might be disappointed. A truly romantic evening with your lady should scream volumes to her of how well you know here. What you make for dinner is a good way to speak to her heart. Is your Mrs. a fancy food type?

Then, we suggest a lamb salad with fregola or pappardelle with sea urchin and cauliflower with a nice white wine. Is she a vegan? Try charcuterie. Then again, it’s possible you are with that girl that loves to be comfortably wined and dined.

In this case, comfort foods like fried chicken and mash potatoes or boneless ribs and coleslaw with a good quality beer would be great options. The trick here is to know the love of your life. Cater to her and her personality whether it be refined or rough and tumble.

The Conversation

There are only a couple of rules here. Remember, you are on a yacht in the middle of the water. Privacy is not an issue. Just by taking a yacht out for this date, you have created an atmosphere where anything is possible. So take your time and relax. Those two rules? Number one. Know what kind of conversation she is in the mood for.

Does she want to spend the night in deep intellectual thoughts with you or does she want to “conversate” in a more physical way? Number two. Make any and all conversation about her. That doesn’t mean you talk about her and every personal event in her life. Find out what she is passionate about and genuinely listen to her views. Then offer intelligent replies and rebuttals. It’s more than ok to disagree with her.

Offer her a new point of view. She will appreciate it very much unless she is an egomaniac.  If she would rather communicate physically, cater to her. Ok, guys, this doesn’t just include sex. Your girl may just want to cuddle up under the stars and fall asleep in your arms. Either way, when she sees you are willing to sacrifice your wants for her, she will be putty in your hands.

Date night is imperative in any relationship. Especially a marriage. Use these tips to invest the time into making it a genuine expression of how you feel about your wife.