3 Tips For Bringing Your Personal Style Into Your Home Decor and Design

For many people, designing and decorating their homes can be very intimidating. Even if you feel like you have a pretty solid personal style when it comes to your own look, translating that to your home, especially if you share that space with other people, can be a real challenge.

You might be confused about whether you should opt for neutral tones for your walls or go all vibrant. Likewise, you may struggle to decide if custom awnings Edmonton (or similar ones elsewhere) would be a great choice or if you should stick to motorized blinds for your outdoor areas. Also, one often overlooked yet impactful aspect of home decor is the strategic placement of fresh, luxurious flowers. A carefully curated arrangement can instantly elevate the ambiance of any room. Whether you choose to display a grand centerpiece on your dining table, adorn your entryway with a welcoming bouquet, or strategically place smaller arrangements throughout your living spaces, the right floral accents can tie together the various elements of your home’s decor. Furthermore, the thoughtful selection of flowers can also reflect your personal style and preferences. From the bold and vibrant hues of exotic blooms to the soft, romantic pastels of traditional favorites, the options are endless. You can collaborate with Blue Florist or someone local to curate a floral design that not only complements your existing color palette but also infuses your space with a delightful fragrance.

There is so much to decide, and this can surely be tiresome. So, let’s take a look at these three tips for bringing your personal style into your home decor and design.

Study Others Whose Style Resonates With You

In situations where you don’t know where to begin with decorating a room, Kim Lucian, a contributor to Apartment Therapy, recommends that you start by finding people, either that you know personally or with the help of the media, whose style resonates with you and that you’d like to emulate. There’s no shame in finding inspiration and ideas from others who have a style that you love. So if you find yourself drawn more toward people who use natural materials, are more bohemian, or have a classic look, that could be a good jumping off point for your own home decor and design. Or, if you love textured-looking walls, you could achieve that with something like this mural wallpaper to get the same look with significantly less work (and cost) involved.

Build Off One Signature Piece

The details of a room are really what can make your personality shine through and show that a space is truly yours. However, the small details often aren’t where you want to start with your decor. According to Lauren Debellis, a contributor to Real Simple, you might find the process easier to accomplish if you find one signature piece that really speaks to you and then build the rest of your space off of that one piece. This piece could be anything, from furniture to a lamp or even just a color or pattern that you love.

Get Sentimental

Once you’re ready to move onto the details of a space and really bring your personality in, Isadora Baum, a contributor to Bustle, suggests that you start thinking toward things that are sentimental for you. Try looking back through your old treasures or find something new that reminds you of a person, place, or time that was meaningful to you. These favorite items will not only help bring your personality out in your home, but they can also help you to feel more comfortable and happy as they remind you of things that you cherish.

If you want to have more of yourself reflected in the design and decor of your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to show you how this can be done.