5 Reasons You Should Choose Silk for Your Club Ties

One of the most important things to consider when you’re choosing your club ties is what kind of fabric they are going to be made from. Of course, you can always change your mind later and keep the same design, but it’s generally a good idea to keep things consistent. Of all choices, silk is probably the most immediately desirable, and here are just five reasons why.

  1. They Feel Good

Silk is a material valued for its softness and smoothness – that’s why we say ‘silky’ instead of ‘polyestery’. This makes it an ideal choice for club ties. Silk club ties are smooth and feel nice to the touch, giving them a first-class air that helps set your establishment, organisation, or group apart.

  1. They Hang Well

Silk is an extremely light fabric. That tends to make it a poor choice for everyday wear since lighter fabrics, as a general rule, become wrinkled more easily. However, lighter fabrics also hang very well, so they’re an ideal choice if you need a tie that’s going to be worn mainly in the evening.

  1. They Look Great

There’s more than one reason why silk ties have a reputation for luxury, but the main one is because they look good. Silk possesses a soft sheen since it slightly reflects light, and it’s a much finer material than polyester or even satin. You want your club members to look their best; as such, silk ties simply make sense.

  1. They Keep You Cool

Silk ties aren’t as desirable if the wearer will be spending lots of time outside. This is because silk is a very breathable fabric, so silk ties are not very good at keeping you warm. However, club ties are usually worn inside, and usually in crowded rooms. With a silk tie around your neck, you’ll stay feeling cool and refreshed through the evening.

  1. They’re More Upscale

The four points listed above demonstrate just why silk ties are considered so luxurious, and it’s that sense of luxury that matters when you’re presenting a club tie. After all, you want this tie to reflect the high standards of the club. It feels far more prestigious to receive a silk club tie than one made from any other fabric. Members will appreciate the difference.