3 Popular Wedding Dress Trends for 2020

Spring is in full swing, and although a lot of weddings are getting postponed, people are spending their time figuring out how their dream wedding would turn out.  What better way to spend this extra time indoors than to make sure your big day turns out perfectly?

Wedding dresses fall in and out of style in cycles, and this year is no different.  With styles varying from plunging necklines, to beautiful beaded sleeves, these are the three trends for which many brides are clamoring.

Plunging Neckline

A wedding has historically been a day when women dress chastely and try to seem as modest as possible.  However, that’s not always the plan that gets put into motion.  Even the color white in weddings used to get used as a slick brag on how much money the bride’s families had.

In 2020, the traditional and chaste wedding is getting turned on its head as brides strut down the aisle in dresses with plunging necklines.

Most of these daring dresses’ necklines stop at the bottom of the ribcage, closing close on the sides to keep from revealing too much.  Although some may turn their noses up at this bold look, guests should remember that the modern bride is a woman who will do what she can to enjoy herself and express herself openly, and that needs to get celebrated.


Since so many weddings are getting pushed out into fall and winter, the long sleeve wedding dress is making a huge splash.  First brought back into modern popularity by Duchess Kate Middleton in her highly visible 2011 wedding, they’ve been enjoying a good ten-year streak of popularity.

The rotating style with sleeves is what’s changing the most, though.  Beadwork is a classic and always sought after, but in 2020 brides are looking at bell-sleeves of lightweight fabric and lace.  Puff sleeves are also having a fantastic moment, with endless sheer fabrics for a flirtatious and romantic look.  

To contrast covering their arms, many brides are combining this look with a plunging neckline, and there’s no lookout there that suits 2020 better.

Skirt With Body

A-line wedding dresses are a classic look that cycles in and out depending on how traditional the style of the year is.  In 2020 we’re seeing a lot of a-line wedding dresses with filled out skirts that are just full enough to flit and swirl around brides as they dance and walk down the aisle.  Just a step below a ballgown skirt, these dresses call for attention, while also maximizing the bride’s ability to move and enjoy her day.  Reminiscent of the kind of dress every classic Disney princess wore, this skirt is an excellent example of a look that is genuinely timeless and destined to come back again and again.

With the social environment changing so rapidly this year, there are undoubtedly more styles that will appear and improve for next year- but it’s fun to look at what’s in peak style right now.