4 Fashion Tips For Looking Slimmer

If there’s one thing that many people have in common it’s feeling frustrated with the way that they look when they look in the mirror. In some cases we may actually have a few pounds to lose, while in other cases we may have a slight case of body dysmorphia that leaves us seeing things that don’t actually exist. 

Either way, the good news is that there are some tips to help you look slimmer when getting dressed. To help you navigate those frustrating moments of feeling a little curvier than you would like to, here are some of the most practical fashion tips for looking slimmer in what you wear.

Wear Darker Colors

There are some things that look better in light colors. For example, walking down the aisle with anything other than white can be a downright fashion faux pas. However, there are some clothing items that you’re much better off wearing in a darker color. For example, if you have a pool, you may find that your curves are enhanced by wearing a bathing suit with patterns or lighter colors.

However, black can be extremely slimming and take off as much as 10 pounds by hiding your curves in flattering ways. If not black, then opt for something navy, or even a dark burgundy. The idea is to avoid a lighter color that shows certain shapes underneath your clothing that you’d rather not be seen.

Wear Shapewear

A common misconception is that shapewear is only for older ladies. However, shapewear is something that people of all ages are starting to embrace due to how effective it is. She work can help flatten your stomach, tone down your hips, and even perk up your derriere. 

Don’t be afraid to try out a few different kinds—from shorts, to tank tops, shapewear can be one of your greatest fashion accessories for looking your very best.


Layers can be one of your best friends fo taking away definition in certain areas, and adding in other areas. For example, if you wear a sweater around your herbs, you can effectively hide extra growth that you’d rather not walk around with. Whereas wearing a loose sweater can make your shoulders look slimmer. Although you may think that adding more layers onto your body may add more bulk, in many cases it winds up making you look smaller.

Loose Shirts

One of the biggest giveaways of a few extra pounds is wearing tight shirts around your stomach. Even the slimmest people have trouble finding shirts that are forgiving on their midsection, so consider wearing loose shirts with fitting jeans. This can give the impression that you’re much smaller then you actually are.