What To Pack For a Road Trip

A road trip can be an incredible adventure for the whole family, or enjoyed solo. Unlike traditional forms of travel like flying or taking a train, a road trip allows you to be more flexible.

You’re the captain of your own ship, and it’s you who decides when you leave and where you go. However, in order to ensure that you have a great experience, you’ll need to make sure that you packed all the right essentials. Forgetting something critical when you’re far from home could be disastrous.

Here are some of the smartest things to pack for your road trip.

License and Proof of Insurance

Since you’ll be in your car for long periods of time, you’ll be at higher risk for potentially getting into a car accident or getting pulled over. In the event that one of these things happen, you should always have your license and insurance on hand.

Failing to have this vital paperwork could result in hefty fines and even trouble with the law. It’s a good idea to always carry this paperwork in your glove compartment in case you need it.

Roadside Emergency Kit

A roadside emergency kit is critical because you never know when you could hit troubles along the way. Your emergency kit should include a wide variety of things from jumper cables to an extra tire. You may additionally choose to bring items such as a first aid kit, extra water, and even an emergency blanket. These are all easily stored in the back of your pick-up truck and you can find here truck bed covers that will keep everything safe for many different car models, such as the Chevrolet Silverado.

Depending on your destination, you may find that getting stranded could be more dangerous in certain places than others. It’s better safe than sorry, so bring everything that you think you could need neatly stored in your trunk.


When you’re trying to get to your destination, you may not want to pull over every time that you have a ping of hunger. Bringing along snacks is a handy way to put something in your stomach without having to get off of the road.

Ideally, you should bring snacks which are non-perishable and won’t go bad in the ambient temperature of your car.


It’s ideal to have GPS in addition to a map when you’re on a road trip. Once upon a time, access to GPS required having to buy expensive equipment. However, nowadays, most smartphones come with GPS built in, making it easy to navigate during your road trip


What’s the fun of a road trip be if you don’t document your travels with photos? You should make sure to bring along a camera to take pictures along the way.

Even though you may be sidetracked enjoying the moment, you’ll never regret looking back at your photos and having memories of each adventure that you had on your trip.