Top Marijuana Products to Enjoy in 2017

The fact that marijuana legalization movement has made such progress in the past few years has popularized a variety of cannabis-related products that are now available to the public. The list of marijuana products is a long one and, nowadays, one doesn’t even have to know how to roll a joint in order to enjoy the benefits of pot. Here is a list of top marijuana products you can get in the brand new year.

1. Flower

Marijuana flowers, or buds, remain the most popular cannabis product users consume. If you were a weed enthusiast way before it was made legal, you are likely to still enjoy smoking it, just as you did in the high school toilet during breaks. There are three basic ways of consuming marijuana this way: rolling it up into a joint or a blunt, using a pipe, similar to a weed pipe Canada produce, or a bong. Although weed isn’t harmful in itself, many use tobacco when rolling up, which is still just as harmful as when used with cigarettes. We suggest using a bong or a pipe for a clean marijuana consumption.

2. Pre-Rolled

Simply put, pre-rolled joints are convenient for those who either don’t know how to roll one, or simple prefer not to. They are usually sold in joint-shaped plastic seals and are consumed in exactly the same way as your regular joints. The majority of pre-rolled joints do not contain tobacco, which is a huge benefit, unless the user prefers the cigarette taste. It is hugely important that you are careful when decide to smoke pot this way – as a rule of thumb, the pre-rolled joints are made for three or four participants, which means consuming the product by yourself can lead to undesired effects.

3. Edibles

Although these are far less popular than the flower consumption, they are next on the list. Significantly more convenient and discreet for public use, marijuana edibles are especially preferred by those who have low smoke tolerance. Made by infusing cannabis with food, this way of weed consumption gives a more relaxing and calming high, in comparison to the more regular way. Marijuana brownies are the most popular form of edibles and they come in many shapes and sizes, such as gummies (you can buy your Sunshower Gummies here), hard candies, chocolate bars, cookies, etc.

4. Concentrate

Marijuana concentrate is actually a rather wide set of marijuana products; it refers to the wax that is vaporized, orally administered THC-free cannabis oil, or tinctures. Here are the most common weed concentrates:

  • Kief – It is made up of the resin glands found on the trichomes of cannabis flowers, and is commonly known as ‘dry sift’ or ‘pollen’. There is a variety of flavors, with regards to the cannabis strains, and kief is widely used to make hash.
  • Butane Hash Oil, or BHO, is an extremely potent concentrate, primarily used for dabbing. Butane extraction is used for drawing out the cannabinoids, which forms a sticky, consistent substance. BHO is widely used as a chronic pain remedy.
  • Tinctures – This form of liquid concentrate is made through alcohol extraction and is used by applying a few drops under one’s tongue. Nowadays, tinctures are available in a variety of flavors.
  • Live Rosin – A flower concentrate that is highly potent, live rosin is different from BHO, although they are generally made using similar processes. A new variety that might be preferred by medical cannabis users, but may be used by anyone.

These four ways of consuming marijuana are currently some of the most popular ones. However, we suggest that you enjoy marijuana in a natural way, either by using edibles or smoking it in a joint, blunt, pipe or bong. First-time users should definitely do a thorough research when it comes to weed, whatever shape and means of administration they intend to use.