The Best Curly Hair Tips You Can Actually Steal from Celebrity Stylists

If you can’t defeat them – embrace them! This is the maxim for mastering your mighty curls, or letting them remain wild and free, with the help of a few handpicked tips straight from stardom. From lovely Alicia Keys to Salma Hayek, Hollywood is brimming with ladies who wear their curls loud and proud.

And with the help of their clever strategies, your own head of locks can restore its appeal, to daze and confuse the unwitting passersby the very next time you strut the streets.

1.    Beauty sleep for your mane

One among many issues of maintaining healthy bouncy swirls is keeping them hydrated under any circumstances. And with a solid washing and conditioning routine, the reins are in your hands throughout the day and many do-changes. But what happens at night, and why do you wake up with your locks frizzy, impersonating the Silkie Hen?

If we are to trust Jen Atkin, the guru of the Kardashian sisters, Jennifer Lopez and the like, then we need to change our pillow case. Instead of your coarse cotton fabric that tends to soak up your hair’s moisture, you should opt for a silk or satin pillowcase that will keep your hair from tangling and drying out.

2.    Rock the effortless boho waves

It’s not just the catwalk that’s filled with ladies boasting a flowy look in their outfits. The streets and the red carpet alike are chock-full of celebs boasting a look that reminds you of those relaxed summer days on the beach, with waves and loose locks that go oh so well with a bohemian dress and those Greek sandals.

How do they do it, you ask? It’s all in the nourishment! Pick your top leave-in conditioner that your hair loves, apply it evenly from your ends up while your hair is still moist, and twirl it up in a few loose buns or braids overnight, and voila! You’ll wake up with a set of silky, bouncy waves, especially if you get a Monaé Everett favorite, the No-Poo conditioner.

3.    Care and protect when you style

Every now and then, every curly diva wants to change up her look and wear it straight. However, too much heat, especially when not applied correctly, can cause permanent damage to your lovely locks, so top celebrity stylists know that a high-quality hair straightener plays a pivotal role in any curly gal’s hair arsenal.

In addition to a swirl-friendly tool, you’ll need to shield your hair from extra heat by using the right protectant, either in the form of a serum, spray or even a cream. Make sure to use them every time you straighten your hair, but also try to avoid heat when styling as much as possible.

4.    Go dry and natural

We all know that daily washing isn’t a brilliant solution for keeping every strand of hair vibrant and healthy, and in these sultry summer days, it’s a tough call to make –how can you keep your hair clean without washing so often? Dry shampoos are considered among the best-kept celeb secrets for keeping it pure and shiny, so find your favorite product and use it wisely on no-wash days.

Then again, add a cold-water rinse to the end of your shower or simply soak your twirls in a single rinse of apple cider vinegar mixed with cold water just like Jessica Alba, and you’ll have clean hair product-free in no time.

5.    What to do on day two?

Many curly ladies wonder how they can retain the same lush look on the second day of their wash and styling. Admittedly, it’s a challenge, but not a mission impossible with the help of Jennifer Yepez, the stylist behind many a famous diva, such as Salma Hayek herself.

She recommends using a dry conditioner – yes, you’ve read that right – on the second day of your hairdo, to regain that rich texture and restore the perfect curl form. If your scalp feels oily, then you can use your dry shampoo for the roots while you condition your mane. You can check out some trusted reviews over at