Pick the perfect Shoes for the Christmas Party

Friends having a christmas party.

Shoes be shoes, right? Well, not entirely. They’re more like heaven, a little (or grand) cute obsession us women nurture. Guilty as charged! And what’s even worse, things get even more obsessive when we’re talking about very important festivities like engagement parties, birthdays, weddings, Christmas parties and other similar celebrations.

With the holiday season at our doorstep, we can only assume all (or most) the girls and women out there have made it their business to find the perfect pair of shoewear that will match their gorgeous outfits. You have, haven’t you? Ah, so have we. But, it’s never easy! Even though we’ve done this a million times before, each time we get all flappery about it!

Here, a few key questions answered that will help us ladies find our shoes way quicker and opt for the perfect pair easy:

Does comfort play a role?

It always does. Most women choose not to give their feet a break and go for a pair that looks phenomenal but feels horrific and then end in blisters for days on. Don’t do that. There are plenty of amazing shoes out there that will make your feet look amazing while keeping them comfy at the same time.

What you also need to pay attention to when picking a shoe is the insoles as well as the outer soles of your picked pair. If the inside of the shoe is slippery your feet will feel uncomfortable and you’ll constantly be thinking about THAT instead of having fun. Same goes for the outer soles; imagine yourself entering the room, taking a stroll down the main flatweave runner rug and tripping! Terrible!

What makes a great party shoe?

Most of us have that Cinderella complex, don’t we? Yes, that thing where we have only one pair of shoes we wear with specific party outfits and on glam occasions.  And that’s okay (unless you’ve got so much money that you can buy a new pair for each new occasion you’re attending – in that case, splurge!).

A great party shoe makes you feel like a goddess; when you walk into a room wearing them, you feel like you’ve stepped onto the Red Carpet. This shoe isn’t to be worn every day as it’s made of lustrous finishes such as metallics, patent, velvet or satin – materials that make you feel special, look great and up your outfit game each time.

In sum, a fab party shoe is the one that your feet feel comfortable in, that adds style to your overall look, a shoe that is easily combined with plenty an outfit and whose design is timeless.

What are your most popular party shoes this season?

Each season brings something different and a bit unpredictable; and usually, there’s something after everyone’s likings. From square toe to a round one, from a high heel to a low-ish one, choices are many and we’re happy it’s so.

You’ve probably noticed how latest trends combine varieties of different fashion eras and trends, with an accent on individual fashion sense an expression. This fashion vibe pretty much allows you to wear everything and anything you want – from something that’s “gone out of style” back in 2005 to something that absolutely trending in 2016. The only thing you should do is pair your “outdated” pieces with something trending, and make it a statement. The attitude of it is what counts.

Christmas parties, though, always call for something a bit more modest. Whether you are attending a business lunch or dinner, or you are gathering with your family, we’d always recommend going for a lower, slimmer heel and something not too gallant. If, however, the party is all glamour – channel your inner diva with some shimmer and glitter on the shoe for the added effect. Knee boots or mid-thigh boots are also an option, depending on what you’ve decided to wear.