How To Look Good For The Camera On Your Big Day

From the Engagement to the Wedding Day

From the moment you are engaged, time will fly by so quickly until the big day. This will happen regardless if you’ve only left a few months to plan everything even a few years. Suddenly, everything goes into party and planning mode and you will find yourself constantly thinking about what else you need to do. Have you booked your honeymoon yet? Looked into a private jet cost per hour? Planned your holiday activities? There is a lot you need to think about, not only for your wedding but afterward too.

There are a huge array of decisions you need to make in the months that precede your wedding day. As you will know, you must decide on guest lists, wedding photographers, food menus, music options and of course where to hold the event itself. You may well want to seek recommendations from friends and family about the best companies and ideas to involved. If you are particularly budget conscious, or have a very limited time, you may even want to consider the idea of asking your relatives to help out with some of the planning too.

Looking good

With all these incredibly important decisions on your plate, it could be easy to overlook taking the time to make sure you look your absolute best. Both the bride and groom will be the centre of attention for the whole day, with so many photographs being taken. You really want to invest all the effort and energy you can into looking fantastic. These photographs will be on the mantle pieces and the computer desktops of family members for years to come, so make them something special!

How to do it?


The photographer should be a professional. Avoid just asking someone you know to do it to try to keep the costs down. Instead, ask a local company such as Northern Ireland Wedding Photography to help out. This will definitely save you time overall as they will be able to combine a package of both video and still images of your big day. A very good tip is to practice with your photographer beforehand, whilst wearing the dress and the makeup that you intend for the big day, to already know which angles will work best for you. This will allow you to pose in the perfect manner ensuring every single photo of you on the day itself is perfect! You could also consider checking with wedding photographers like Naba Zabih (you could click on for more information) to determine if their style of photography would match what you have in mind for the final photos.


Well of course it starts with what you are wearing. Be sure to get a stylist’s advice on the best fit for your both and select your suits and dresses with plenty of time to make alterations before the big day. If you are planning on changing your body in any way before the big day, for example losing weight or getting a tattoo, be sure to take these factors into consideration with what you will be wearing.

Hair and makeup

Hair and makeup is next on your to do list. Always avoid doing these items yourself. You will be nervous on the big day and even if you have practiced and got it just perfect, the chances of you getting it wrong on the day itself are too real to ignore. Get a professional in to do it for you, they should be someone who produces consistent results and of course it is always a good idea to try out a few different looks before the day itself. This way you will know exactly what to expect.