Why do brides wear white dresses in New Zealand?

Have you ever questioned why the white wedding dress has gained so much traction? Well, you need to realize that traditional wedding styles have existed for centuries now. You might not be aware of the fact that         Queen Victoria was the one who dared to break the convention in 1840 and wear an entirely white gown for the wedding date. If you are wondering what did the bride wear before this period then they would simply dress in their favorite dresses for tying a knot. Surprisingly, the dresses were very colorful and quite indistinguishable from the formal dresses before the move by queen victoria of challenging the notion. After the queen bold decision, several brides adopted the white color and associated it with the special wedding dress.

Thus White has not been a norm but it turns out to be this modern invention. Many of you might now question that queen victoria wore the dress white to symbolize purity. But this was surely not the intention of queen victoria when wearing this dress at her wedding. She simply chose to wear white because she loved the color.

Associations of color

If you are questioning that several connotations are associated with white color and its association of innocence of girlhood, then you are right to some extent. You need to bear in mind that these types of meanings appeared a decade later where white signifies purity.

Before the move by queen victoria, it was less likely for one to go for white at weddings. The reason being the white color getting easily dirty. Moreover, this color was also deemed expensive thus unattainable for the commoner. People owning a great wealth would go for this cooler, rare color.

Color worn by others

French royals stayed away from the color white in the events of celebration because this color was associated with the color of mourning. Such a color symbolized cursing in cursing on several occasions. So it largely depended on culture to culture and the suitability of the color. The symbolic representation of the color white varied thus resulting in people owning several different views. 

What bridal dresses New Zealand people wore before white?

You might wonder what was the color of bridal dresses New Zealand before white. Well, it was simply something blue. This color got associated with virgin mary which signified purity. This color did not represent any stains. Before white, the community largely decided the color be worn on the big day. Like the celts mainly preferred red color as it signified fertility, Such communities accepted every color except for black.

Bridal dresses New Zealand

In a nutshell, western countries began adopting white color for the special big day. Similarly, this practice was adopted by countries like New Zealand where brides follow the unintentional tradition left queen victoria. Thus, you will find a great collection of bridal dresses New Zealand as  it has been over a century for practicing wearing white.