The Growing Link Between Diet and Depression

Latest studies show that what one eats can be a great determinant in how one feels about themselves. This is especially true for those with depression since the link between the mind and plate is all the more important.

There is growing speculation that eating pans like the Mediterranean diet can help lower symptoms of depression once they are introduced in one’s diet. In another light, it can be viewed as the growing trend where people are embracing food as part of a medicinal regime. Other foods like vegetables, fish oil, olive oil and other colorful diverse diets are not only preventive but, they also lower the chances of one contracting depression in the first place.

Incredibly, such diet plans are not only perfect for those with mental illness, they are also handy for those looking to lose weight, protect their minds and lower the risk of other harmful diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancers and Alzheimer’s. Lolhit.Com are reputable for offering loads of insights on some of the challenges those on diets experience and how to build effective workout regimens.

One of the professors at Deakin University in Australia, Mary LOU Chatterton, lead authors of a recent paper analyzing the link between Mediterranean diets and depression symptoms, said that the most important way to stay healthy is to abstain from the processed foods.

When cereal bars are swapped with some nuts and frozen berries, one may not see that as significant dietary leap, but, in truth, such options tend to provide the body with better nutrients. Processed foods tend to be rich in floor, fructose, and sugar that enhance food cravings without every really satiating one’s appetite.


Chatterton believes that making improvements in diet habits can actually be therapeutic. Other research has shown that embracing plant-based diets is a sure way to prevent the disease. The regimen ideally needs to incorporate foods rich in vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and whole grains in order to lower chances of depression.

Mediterranean-style plan or MIND diets have been linked to numerous other benefits for the brain. In particular, they are effective in shielding one from age-related cognitive declines. Researchers have noted improvements in health among people who’ve just survived a stroke. The emphasis is on the usual suspects, vegetables, olive oil, seafood, and wine. Leafy veggies are also quite effective, plus some poultry products, beans, berries and whole grains. To perfectly pull off the diet, processed foods, sweets, fried foods, cheese, margarine, red meat, and butter need to be avoided.


MIND diets have been shown to lessen the risk of stroke patients from receding into dementia because they slow cognitive decline. In essence, Mediterranean-style diets tend to be of great benefit to mental facilities and lead to better performance outcomes on cognitive tests.

Healthy fats include monounsaturated and omega 3 fatty acids. Fiber-rich green vegetables and berries show that the emphasis of the MIND diet is to protect the body’s resources. Veggies and berries have been noted in shielding the brain from progressive loss of structure and functioning. Diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are renown for causing quite a number of neurodegeneration instances.