Why Choose Black Cotton Shopping Bags?

If you’ve already started looking at cotton shopping bags, you’ll have noticed there are plenty of options to think about. Getting the perfect bags to suit your business means choosing between everything from size and handle length to printing type and turnaround time, but one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is what colour cotton to use. 

Natural or white might be the obvious choices, but here are just a few reasons why you might want to consider black cotton shopping bags. 

Stands Out from the Crowd 

Most people want their custom printed cotton bags to be eye-catching – after all, you want as many people as possible to notice your business name and be attracted to your message. Since black cotton bags aren’t as commonly used as natural or white ones, they automatically stand out. Simply switching from a more neutral colour to black can be enough to set your bags apart. 

Makes Your Design Pop 

It isn’t just the colour itself that makes black bags stand out – they also tend to work with bolder colours. Those vibrant colours stand out more vividly against a black background than they do against a white or natural cotton one. Companies like Real Thread can help you print or embroider designs of your choice on cute black tote bags; you can design them to reflect your personality too! 

Reflects Your Brand Identity 

Some brands find a perfect fit with muted natural or white cotton bags, but others prefer something more daring. If you’ve been wanting an eco-friendly bagging option that doesn’t come in such a neutral colour, black cotton bags might be the answer. 

Hides Dirt

One reason businesses and consumers alike appreciate cotton bags is their strength and longevity. When customers can keep using their bags, it means they’re exposed to your branding for a longer period of time. Unfortunately, cotton bags are often disposed of simply because they’ve started to look a little shabby, even though they can be washed. However, black hides dirt, so people will often hang onto black cotton bags longer.