Tough Men Wear Makeup — With Style

Men have this common misconception that they shouldn’t be wearing makeup. Makeup are for girls — but this is an old adage.Makeup highlights your sharpest features and makes you look perfectly gorgeous. That explains why a lot of men secretly wear makeup on a daily basis. In today’s world, putting on makeup doesn’t make you less of a gentleman, as it helps cover up your flaws and enhance your finer features. It is also important to note that makeup is not just for the movie stars or celebrities that command media attention but for anyone who desires that perfect stunning look.Makeup fires up your self-esteem and makes you look your best at all times.

On a daily basis, an increasing number of men are figuring out what women knew all along and are seriously following the trend.  Now, it is common to find cosmetics companies with complete line of skin care creams and makeup, designed for men and these companies make huge profit in sales.

Here are a few makeup tips for men brought to us by Sigma Beauty:


Putting on foundation helps cover imperfections, flaws and pimples. For people with beard, wearing foundation is not a good idea as it would in a short time look erratic and leave excess residue on whiskers. As an alternative, it is best to use a concealer to hide the spots and blemishes.

Because most men have larger pores than women, they clog up much easier. An oil-based foundation could make you susceptible to breakouts and zits, hence try to look for a type that is water-based and thinner. Apply it moderately, one application only. Always remember that blending is essential, hence rub it in a way thatwill not give signs that you’re putting on makeup.


If you are not comfortable with putting on foundation, go for a tinted moisturizer which can soften your skin after shaving and put in a touch of color or tan. Look in the women’s section, if you can’t find a brand for men, but don’t choose one that will add shine or sparkles to your skin. Try to get a basic moisturizer with a light tint and no frills that would match your skin tone and not change it.


Bright lighting and high temperatures generally makes skin look shiny and sweaty. The sole intent behind powder is to take out the shine, which is very crucial to people who work on stage. For a natural look, forego the foundation and put on powder only. Once you apply it, center on areas that are the shiniest; your forehead, nose, and chin.

Well-known choices for powder include pressed and loose. Pressed powder comes along with a powder puffwhile loose powder is applied with sizable makeup Sigma brushes, which is, generally, not included with the powder.


If you prefer a gothic look, putting on eyeliner is great. Rock stars like Joel Madden and Billie Joe Armstrong pull it off well. When you have a masculine face, you’ll need to put it on lightly.

Make use of a black eye pencil to draw a simple line underneath your lower eyelashes. Merge the edges for an even more natural look. If you have light or blonde lashes, you can make use of black mascara to match. If your skin is pale, tone it down and go for dark brown or brownish/black eyeliner. No need to overdo it or it will appear messy instead of attractive.

You can attempt your own style to make a statement. If you want far less dramatic features, make use of the eye pencil to fill out spaces between your eyelashes.


Unless you put on dark eyeliner, you don’t have to put on color-enhanced mascara. But if you choose to, one coat will suit you. Make use of as little as possible to prevent clumps and flaking.

Clear mascara is a perfect choice for men. It lengthens lashes and gives them volume. An additional benefit is that if it smears, it is not going to show. Clear mascara also serves as an eyebrow comb to keep strays in position.


Put on lipstick only with a rocker style. Even then, you must wear it at your own discretion. Generally, lighter tones look unflattering on guys, so limit your application to dark shades that improve your own lip color only. To look natural, put on a clear lip balm for some kissable shine and protection from weather.