How to Dress Like Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has been appearing on the silver screen for some time now. Considered as a British actor who is the most successful in Hollywood, he is mostly known for his rough masculine side. However, dressing as this talented actor is not as hard as many might think.

If you want to get the relaxed look of Tom Hardy, things need to be kept simple and clear. This everyday look is very easy to get. Simply explore and choose simple styles and clean lines by selecting customary t-shirts, jeans and light footwear. A checked shirt on top of a basic and plain t-shirt would certainly create some extra magnitudes within the outfit.

As a top Hollywood actor, Tom Hardy is often required to walk down the red carpets to the flashing lights of the cameras. He is specially known to pull off this formal look with much praised class, and this is really a far cry from his regular casual look. One of the most important factor to consider when picking any suit is to verify if it fits. If it fits right, then it would most probably look good on you. For a simple and sophisticated formal look, just like Tom Hardy, get yourself a crisp white shirt along with a navy-blue suit.

This great colour palette looks fab with nearly all men. Speaking of colour palette, Tom Hardy is known for his unique exquisite colour combinations when it comes to fashion. If you are having trouble in finding the right colour, simply head to the online bingo rooms on – the free bingo bonus site. There is a wide range of colours such as purple, navy blue, light green, red, etc. appearing in bingo rooms such as Lucky Stripes and Red Hearts. These bingo rooms may probably inspire you to pick the right colour, plus give you the chance to win some awesome bingo progressive jackpots at no extra cost.

What really contributes to the overall aesthetic of Tom Hardy is certainly his tattoos and beard, apart from his clothes. You can easily get his iconic masculine look that he normally flaunts in and out of the movie sets. All you need to have a similar look is a ripped jean, a plain white shirt, and the essential leather black bomber jacket. This will most probably bring some extra charisma to your look, plus you will also be kept warm when heading outside.

To have a hot body like Tom Hardy, a lot of hard work, dedication and commitment is required in the gym. He is regularly seen bulking up to take up his roles in films, and thus he is always being careful about his personal health. To be ready to hit the gym in style like Tom Hardy, you need to be comfortable with what you are wearing. Something that would give you the ease to move freely. So, it’s better if you keep it practical and simple. Joggers would certainly be a right choice.