Exclusive T-shirts and Apparel for Crypto and Bitcoin Investors

There are more and more investors around the world who are interested in cryptocurrencies. They’re trading currencies like Bitcoin using apps or trading programs like bitcoin revolution erfahrungsbericht. And while the rest of the world is still trying to catch up, those who own digital assets should be proud of being way ahead, changing how the world looks at finance. If you’re not already one of these people then you really should look into cryptocurrency as a means of investment.

If you already are trading crypto then what better way to tell the world that you are part of this radical financial trend than wearing a Bitcoin t-shirt? Represent your investment by wearing these fun statement shirts in various solid colors with prints of crypto trading jargon and logos.

Crypto Trading Jargon

If you are new to cryptocurrency, you might be surprised that traders and investors use a different kind of jargon and terminology that most dictionaries haven’t caught up with yet. You are going to feel left out if you don’t start asking Google what they mean.

There are chatrooms to join and learn from, but you have to know the jargon used to not feel left out.

Here are ten examples:

  1. HODL and Hodling is a term first used in a Bitcoin forum back in 2013. This was around the time BTC or Bitcoin experienced as serious fall. Crypto didn’t make a stead climb up. If you look at its timeline, it has risen and fallen. The person who used the term ‘hodling’ meant that he or she was ‘holding on’ to their BTC thinking it would be profitable after the downfall. The misspelled word became popular and is still used or incorporated into the world of digital currencies. Nowadays, the term HODL means ‘Hold On for Dear Life.”
  2. Another term you might want to know is FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. It’s a popular acronym used by many, but in cryptocurrency trading, it means missing out on a profitable investment or decision.
  3. Another is ATH or All-Time High. It refers to a certain cryptocurrency or Altcoin breaking all of its records (in terms of value) and is trading at its highest ever price.
  4. BEAR, a Wall Street term, this time referring to an investor who is anticipating the fall of the cryptocurrency and wants to profit from it.
  5. WHALE, a gambling term that is adapted to mean a trader with a fat account who believes that crypto markets will rise and act like a bully when it comes to the price of certain coins.
  6. BEARWHALE, a combination of the previous two terms – a WHALE in terms of his or her account, but BEARish when it comes to price.
  7. An investor who is hodling or holding on to a particular cryptocurrency for too long and is now suffering the consequences is referred to as a BAGHODLER.
  8. REKT is ‘wrecked’ that is again misspelled. It refers to a trader who is wrecked or destroyed because of losses from the current downfall of a price.
  9. TO THE MOON is a shortened version of the sentence, ‘The price of this coin will one day go to the moon’. It refers to the upward climb in price of a particular coin.
  10. FUD is the acronym of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. When a trader is uncertain of the potential of a certain investment, situation, decision and so on, they feel FUD.

These terms are used in the spirit of fun and make crypto trading forums fun and rather exciting.

If you have a fear of missing out, consider joining the bandwagon of Bitcoin Investors and hodl your coins proudly and showing it off with a new crypto-themed shirt.

Yes, there are premium t-shirt made of lightweight fine jersey fabric for crypto traders and investors. Wear this Ethereum t-shirt to state you are a forward-thinking etherhodler.

Represent your investment proudly and fashionably at that while hanging out with friends or attending blockchain-related events.

Crypto, Bitcoin, mining and trading – these are words that will change how the world looks at finance. Show off that you’re a couple of steps ahead.