How To Keep A Clean House

To have all-round healthy lifestyle, you must keep a clean house. All your efforts to eat healthy, exercise and groom yourself could be undone by a dirty house. Not only is finding a suitable and clean outfit difficult in a dirty house, there are also a number of health risks it poses which can make you seriously sick.   

Contrary to common perception, you don’t have to labour all day to keep your house clean. Most of the time the work is exhausting because you have neglected cleaning your house for a long time that the mess has become enormous.

Follow these tips to keep a clean house.

Pick after yourself

You will save yourself a great deal of time if you pick and clean after yourself. Throwing dirty socks on the floor when you have a laundry basket still get back to you when you eventually have to clean up but it makes your house dirty and disorganized until that happens.

To keep a clean house and give yourself an easier time, clean after yourself. Putting your dirty laundry in the basket and deal with any spills as soon as they happen. Stain become stubborn and difficult to clean the longer they are left to stay.

Clean your bathroom

The bathroom can be one of the grossest places in your house if you don’t clean it. The bacteria you scrub off your body while showering accumulate on the bathroom floor and walls and you must therefore regularly clean your bathroom. Scrub your bathroom after every shower and do a major clean up every two weeks.

Invest in a Morton Water Softener scum forms on your shower head, shower curtain and bathroom walls because your ward supply has impurities. Even then, you must still change your shower curtains regularly.

Do your laundry regularly

Don’t wait until you run out of clothes to wear before doing your laundry. While it saves you money on electricity bills to accumulate your laundry before washing them, keeping dirty laundry for lengthy periods can make your house stuff and uncomfortable to live.

There is little aeration when you pile dirty clothes in the laundry basket and it can become the source of unpleasant smell in your house. If you can’t do your dirty laundry in good time, then at least make sure you air them.

For wet laundry, do those within three days after soaking or you get rained on. The dampness can discolour your clothes in addition to being a breeding ground for bacteria.

Leave shoes at the door

You make the house dirty when you fail to remove your dirty shoes at the doorstep. Even when not visibly dirty, your shoes carry dust particles and germs from all the places you went to during the day and you leave these on your floor when you enter the house with shoes.

You will have a clean house and an easier cleaning time if you remove your shoes at the doorstep, clean them then carry them to the shoe rack. If you must wear shoes indoors, then have a pair for that specific purpose that you never wear outside the house.