Best Nightlife Hotspots In Dallas Texas

If Dallas, Texas is on your itinerary, get ready to have some real big fun. The nightlife in Dallas heats up after sundown with an array of various diversion to keep you entertained. Lounges, pubs, live music, and the streets of downtown Dallas have it all. So whether you are looking for bars in Dallas or clubs, then read on down below.

Planning a great trip to a new city means you have to explore. And surely, exploring the nightlife at any city would mean that you need proper accommodation to get back to after a night of partying. This should not be too difficult, as a quick search for Dallas apartments on Craigslist or similar portals should give you some good, affordable options. Once the stay has been taken care of, there’s nothing to do but get ready to party! Take a few minutes to check out a brief overview of some of the best nightlife hotspots in Dallas, and don’t miss out on a moment of fun.

House of Blues Dallas

The Dallas destination of the legendary House of Blues has only been opened since 2007, but it already has a stellar history of performances. BBKing, Alice Cooper, and Mumford and Sons have all darkened the doorways of this auspicious location.

You won’t find yourself sitting bored in a corner at the Dallas House of Blues. The Crossroads Diner at the HOB is also a great place to enjoy free live music and game nights.

The Nines

The Nines used to be called the Red Light Lounge. It has thousands of square feet of dancing space, and one of the few good EDM places to go. You can catch some of the city’s most popular DJs on a Friday night, and the view from the rooftop of the place is second to none.

Get your party together, and put on your best outfit to hit the city of Dallas with full force. Just be careful not to get yourself into any trouble. Public intoxication is a real thing that you don’t want to deal with while on vacation.

Sue Ellen’s

Sue Ellen’s bar will serve the LGBTQ party-goers with ease. This location has two floors of lighting, video screens, and private lounge areas for you and your friends to have a night full of debauchery.

There’s even an opened door patio where you and your smoker friends can chill. You can also catch karaoke if you visit throughout the week.

City Tavern

If you’re more of the neighborhood pub type of person, Dallas’ City Tavern is a great place to explore. The venue brings in a mixture of people who enjoy a good drink while playing pool or watching the big game.

If you’re looking to start your evening affairs with a good meal, try visiting the Don’t Tell Supper Club. It’s a restaurant, nightclub, and entertainment venue with good food, good sounds, and good vibes.

You can eat dinner while watching the act of a contortionist, fire breathers, and even aerial acts. You won’t be disappointed with the unique experience of the Don’t Tell Supper Club.