4 Biggest Mistakes To Make When Going Through a Divorce

There is no doubt that deciding to end a marriage which you began with the best intentions is devastating.  Whether it was your idea to finish it, a mutual decision between the two of you, or not your choice whatsoever, it’s never an easy experience.

When you commit to sharing your life with someone for better or for worse, only to see it come to an end, it can be enough to pull the ground out from underneath you.   

Despite how many emotions you may be feeling, however, it’s important to try to remain level-headed during this experience.  Some men allow their stress to get the best of them and make costly mistakes. Here are the biggest mistakes that you’ll want to avoid.

Turning To Drugs and Alcohol

A lot of men aren’t emotionally equipped to handle the disappointment of a marriage ending.  Especially when the break-up is less than amicable, and you’ve got lawyers and legal documents swirling around you.

Despite having friends and family to talk to, sometimes people prefer to numb it all together and turn to drugs and alcohol.  Although this may be a temporary solution which ends the pain, it will lead to feeling even worse the next day and could even lead to addiction.

Instead of using methods to numb the pain, you should accept the pain and work through it. Only then will you come out stronger on the other side.

Dating Too Quickly

Even though you may be excited to start fresh and feel hopeful about meeting the new love of your life, dating too quickly is a common rookie mistake.  Jumping back into the dating game too soon before having time to process your break up emotionally could lead to disappointment.

Give yourself time to close one chapter before beginning another.

Dramatically Changing Eating Habits

When people go through moments of extreme stress, they commonly change their eating habits.  Some people lose their hunger entirely and lose a dramatic amount of weight, while others turn to food as a source of comfort.

Keep an eye on how your relationship with food is evolving and whether you see any red flags.


Accepting that a relationship has come to an end is often full of feelings of regret and blame.  You may find yourself starting to blame yourself and lose yourself in a spiral of guilt and self-loathing. There will also be many different processes that a soon-to-be divorced couple will both have to go through, both personal and legal requirements. For example, a couple wanting a divorce should be looking to sort through the legal side of their ending marriage by looking at professional family law services provided by firms like peters and may or others offering similar legal aid.

Some people do the opposite, which is just as destructive, of blaming the other person for everything.  The bottom line is, as they say, “it takes two to tango.” You both played a role in your love story. No one is to blame entirely for anything and thinking this way will lead to pain and suffering.