3 Tips For A First Date

Whether you’ve met a girl online and this is your first time going on a date together in the real world, or its someone you’ve already met and you’re interested in taking things to the next level, first dates are never a walk in the park. There is always the anticipation of wondering how well it will go, whether you will like her, and whether she will like you.

First dates don’t have to be something that you dread, however. They can be as simple as you allow them to be if you just relax and follow the golden rules. First off, get yourself ready for the date. Take a nice, hot shower and clean yourself up (obviously). Dress up for the occasion, depending on where you’re going. Don’t forget to spray on some cologne, but not something that comes off too strong. Think about using a product like True Pheromones or something similar to create an attractive aura around you. Those are some of the basics. For some more tips on how to make your first date as smooth sailing as possible, look no further.

Go Dutch

There can be a lot of controversy surrounding who should pay on the first date. Some people will say that men should absolutely pay, and if they don’t, they certainly won’t get asked out for a second date.

However, if you have been single for a while and are officially “on the market” frequently dating, paying the bill every time can quickly start to add up. There is no reason to put yourself into debt or have to take out a second mortgage simply because you are dating and have to foot the bill every time.

Unless you want to, don’t feel obligated to have to pay. It’s perfectly acceptable and modern to split the bill. You may just want to establish this at the beginning of the date to avoid confusion when the bill comes.

Make It Interactive

Since first dates can be a lot of conversation, and asking questions about each other, doing something interactive can be a great way to make sure that you don’t end up just staring at a screen in silence.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to ideas for interactive first date ideas. It could be anything from going bowling, to trying out a painting class. Try to come up with ideas that spark both of your interest, not just one of you.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Try to make sure that you limit the amount of alcohol that you consume on your first date. Since nerves can be running high it can become easy to start sipping too frequently.

The last thing that you want to do on a first date gets too drunk. You may embarrass yourself or worse, put yourself in a dangerous situation.

If alcohol is present on your first date, just try to take it easy. This way you won’t have to worry about moving too fast or potentially doing something that you later regret and look back on with shame.