Things I Never Go Travelling Without

I love travelling! Whether it’s just a weekend away with friends in the UK or a full-on holiday abroad, I like to explore and discover new places. Even if I revisit places I have already been, there is always something new to look for, and I like to get to know where I am. I like to vary my journeys; I like cities – major capitals such as Paris, Rome and even London – and I like the quiet areas such as the coastal regions around Europe, but most of all I like to have a certain set of items with me every trip. So, here is my list of some of the things I never go travelling without – perhaps you do the same!

My Backpack – I chose the backpack I use all the time because it is just the right size, it’s light, it has plenty of compartments for my phone and such, and it is adjusted to me because it’s comfortable. It is my essential item, and everything else follows on!

My Phone – I recommend anyone who is going travelling, no matter whether it’s local or far away, to have a mobile phone on them at all times. Make sure it is charged and ready to use, as you never know when you might need to call someone.

My Camera – Your mobile will have a camera, no doubt, and it may be a decent one, but I like to carry my small digital camera with me. I also take spare memory cards, so I know I am never going to run out of space. It’s a great way of documenting your journey, so you can look back in future and keep the memory for ever.

My Travel Iron – This is one item you might not have considered, but you should! If you get invited somewhere, or need to go to an event with a dress code, you want to look good, so a travel iron is a great way of getting rid of those inevitable creases in your favourite shirt! You can find a review of the best travel iron models – and also many more items that you might want to take on your travels – at, an excellent site with comprehensive reviews of many items, including backpacks.

My Money Belt – Never travel with a regular wallet – it’s too easy for thieves to take in an instant. I use a money belt, as it gives me added peace of mind that my cash is safe and sound, and it’s also easy to wear without it being seen.

My MP3 Player – I love music, so always take my MP3 player with me. It takes up no space, and brings me pleasure when on the move. I also carry a portable wireless speaker – check out the reviews of these at bestreviewer, too – so I can play music in quality in my room.

That’s just a few of the essential items I never travel without, and you might have your own. Either way, happy travelling, and enjoy exploring new places!

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